Tsuhelm adventure begins in blog form only

24 May

Tsuhelm managed to whittle 3 or 4 ash bows before the real world interluded with a power cut 😦

The dark picture above is Tsuhelm whittling…

Tsu did want to wander off to kill barghests in Barrow Lands, needs the slayer deed for Determination Virtue. Also planned to complete as many quests as possible in the area…must be getting close to having completed all Breeland quests to level (30) as well as close to becoming kindred to Men of Bree…

Future plans are of course Hunter quest (lv30), finish clearing out Shire for TP as well as wrapping up Eren Luin, TP grind again…the joys of F2P.


2 Responses to “Tsuhelm adventure begins in blog form only”


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