Barghest’s eyes, wights’ skulls and corrupted tree’s seeds.

29 May


Southern Barrow Lands, Tsuhelm returns to the grey, grey, grey lands. He avoided any open barrows not wishing to get involved in a more immersive experience due to time constraints. To finish off the Barrow Lands Tsu will need to systematically enter all of the small barrows, literally go underground. Me thinks a whole evening will be required.

So Tsuhelm concentrated on finishing some of the quests he had picked up for creature parts, as well as kill some Angry Bears and Large barrow-crawlers. I understood why they were ‘angry’ when crawlers poured out of the corpses (It would have been a cooler effect if they were really aggressive or is it because I am over leveled?)


Shots taken from:

Time ran out and I had to work, or write this blog while pretending to work…, still need some seeds from corrupted trees but otherwise quite successful little run.

Aside: I do not have access to screenshots from LOTRO at work so will upload some later.

Flora and Fauna

Tsu has killed lots of baby bears but it leaves me with a heavy heart every time…do others have the same qualms to snuffing out wildlife in LOTRO? Hunt deer and foxes? Hate squirrels and their little twitchy noses? (Blackadder III quote… Do they drop anything useful?  Makes you wonder…

As Tsuhelm was killing the bears today I got to thinking, were they alive or dead? As the large barrow worms came out after the bear was killed, just like some wights, I think they must be dead. So in the Barrow lands – everything is undead except for the rats…. I can live with that. I think I have accidentally killed a fox and a squirrel before but the ‘green’ druid part of me respects the animals that populate the LOTRO landscape. Sometimes they appear slightly incongruously happily standing next to mobs which I’m sure should be chowing down on them, obviously deer and wolves springs to mind. This could be explained away simply by accepting the fact that maybe the wolf has a full belly but then why on earth does it want to mess with me…maybe the smell of dead wolf permeates my clothing, I think Tsu has killed more wolves than any other mob, it is even the title I have taken, Wolf-tamer…(Although wights must be catching up, interesting stats that I wish we could investigate…)

And the Flora? Does anyone seriously collect all the cabbages? To cook I presume, I used to do the same but ran out of inventory space and so have stopped the habit. I have not seen so any crops here in the barrow downs I suppose it would be grey, worm infested and inedible.

TenTon Hammer( confirms that there are none to be found in the Barrow Downs.


One Response to “Barghest’s eyes, wights’ skulls and corrupted tree’s seeds.”

  1. tsuhelm May 30, 2012 at 13:11 #

    Barghests are they dead?

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