Barghest’s eyes and Wights’ skulls again. Cardolan Relics too!

30 May

 Tsuhelm wanders off again after finishing off these quests and others to do it again, up the hill and down the other side into the Southern Barrow Lands. More peeling of barghests (need the  medium skins) and smashing of wights. Cardolan relics drop from all mobs, don’t think about it, just accept. retrieved a treasure from the ruins of Ost Gorthad after defeating the dreaded Wight Lord of Cardolan (missed the thrill as too high a level :()

 Gathered Ash and Yew. Returned to Dead Man’s Perch handed in quest items and took the repeatable quests again.

Tsuhelm will have to go back to Ost Gorthad as he missed a chest and then he will spend some time underground, the barrow quests need finishing off. Hopefully that will help with his Bree reputation, hope to get to kindred level by the end of this Barrow Down escapade. (Hopefully the wife will let me play a couple of hours tonight as the morning quick run will not be enough :()


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