Eyes, skulls and relics then Great Barrow – Solo!

1 Jun

After collecting eyes, skulls and relics (yeah again, but this will be the last time…) I popped into the Great Barrow Instance – Solo! So it was a very brief sojourn into the underworld! A quick re-cap follows:

Tsuhelm is at the bottom of a stairwell and some barrow guards can be seen loitering around at the top of the stairs tasty treats are noshed, holy stuff is wiped onto arrowsand a trap is set. Preperations made, he sets his body into Force stance, Focuses and then lets loose a rain of arrows, followed quickly by a Split shot. The arrows fly and he’s woken a small flock of creepy barrow-wight guards, oh dear, time for a few swipes and Tsu is out! No time to swig any potions or back up, now that is more like it! Now I realize why this is a fellowship instance.

Tsu once joined a fellowship running mad through docks in Kheledul, they killed, ran this way and killed and ran that way and killed and ran this and that way. Grabbed some treasures and repeated. I didn’t enjoy the inane chatter and lack of control and I decided Tsu prefers the sedentary life of solo play.  But here we are at a crossroads, I really want to complete the quests for the Great Barrow but cannot solo it. I have encountered fellowship quests before and have just left them, only once before was I really irritated, when I had done what felt half a dozen linked quests to find I could not wrap up the story. (OK, twice before, once, I was much less irritated but still annoyed, in Staddle, quest name not remembered, something to do with protecting a farm.) Overall I enjoy the soloing with Tsu and he has been able to explore virtually all of the LOTRO content.

I can imagine the social life of LOTRO is fantastic when you have sorted out some good friends and maybe even a kinship (I am still looking folks…) and then you can group up and explore together the various fellowship content. I just don’t want to have to spend what little time I have with Tsu waiting for others to turn up and when they do deciding to wander off again. Let alone share any lagging/technical issues with others, now I am very patient but I find others are not.

So this weekend I will try to group up and do the Great Barrow Instance(s), the consequences could impact Tsuhelm’s entire future in LOTRO…


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