Brood Hunter

4 Jun

Tsuhelm finds himself back in the Northern Barrow lands, down a hole full of spiders, The Barrow of Taradan, he soon has completed the spider killing deed…

OH No here they come! Barrow Spiders charging in…

Here lie their broken remains…

Tsuhelm gloating in his destruction. 

only to be surprised to find that 150 kills is the first part and 300 is the final total of the advanced deed.

Tsu cuts through the spiders quickly but not fast enough to do 300 in 1 sitting, he decides that a tactical retreat is required, this deed will have to wait until, 1 hit kills! Maybe in a couple of levels after he has re-equipped himself. I changed all my Cardolan-trinkets (collected over twenty) to became Kindred to the Men of Bree – 20TP (55TP in total from reputation in total.)

I was talking about those irritating fellowship quests the other day[] so I decided to check up on them. Saved Maribell from bandits from the blade for life fellowship quest. There were only 3 preluding quests but still irritating. Now it was easy. I do not get why the grey enemies should be so stupid, why don’t they all help out or run away when I approach! I can just ignore them…. Crappy AI! AI rant will continue another day I am sure (including the most amazing experience I ever had in LOTRO due to an AI error I think.)

Tsu had another fellowship quest to do in Far Chetwood but fell down a cliff into Archet. A reminder that I had to go to work 😦


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