Cleared up inventory slots and travelled far!

4 Jun

Tsuhelm had been struggling with his 3 bag inventory limit since the beginning. Space was needed, to start with Tsu destroyed the introduction to farming box which he had been carting around for ages, taking up a space – he did not want to go and buy farming equipment which would then end up filling more space even after the  box was gone – defeating the whole object, Tsuhelm is no Farmer. After he went crazy opening prezzies ( he found he had lost 6 spaces to quest introductions, green letters that cannot be destroyed without losing the quest, so to free some space up, he decided to do them all. Now most of these require you to travel to locations in areas of ‘new content’, a think it is a kind of in game advertisement for the quest packs. So off to the Lone Lands (used to be purchasable), The Trollshaws, The North Downs and Evendim.

Now I am playing F2P and don’t have any quest packs purchased so I was surprised that you can still hunt in these areas, The North Lands looks a bit like the twin of The Lone Lands, past them I actually quite enjoyed the challenge of sneaking around orange and red mobs. The drops from those I managed to kill were good as well. I managed not to kill Tsuhelm and that was remarkable as I had to keep taking constant breaks to look after my nr. 2 son who was babbling away on his play mat/walker/sleeping pillow. The pleasures of having to get up at 4am in the morning with the baby is if they are tranquil I can peacefully play LOTRO if the little one stays tranquil, even better if they manage to get back to sleep. I now know that ‘time is up’ when nr. 1 son gets up. Anyway I digress Tsuhelm enjoyed his adventure; it was great to have the virtual wind in his hair, traversing new landscapes and exploring new areas. I enjoyed the trip and I think the strategy worked, I was not going to get Evendim with my TP’s but am now considering it. I also made 50TP and then spent 95TP on another trait slot for Tsu, he now has 5 traits. I hope I can afford to buy a quest pack because I am scared I will run out soon.

With this in mind I set off to Ered Luin and completed all the outstanding deeds, netted a measly 25TP I have only The Shire, The Lone Lands and Bree Lands left with deed to be completed… Those reputation points are going to come in handy. Still looking for a new hat – Tsu’s helmet at the moment is ugly.

Crafting time J Tsu whittled some ash bows…messed up 2 yew etched bow recipes, he forgot to use resin so didn’t get Runed Yew bow.

Quick visit to the Auction house, sold 1 GP of medium leather and bought some equipment to wear when he gets to level 32. Realized after the fact that he has bought himself 2 pairs of trousers!

To finish off Tsu visited his house to empty bags. The chest makes sense for most of the stuff but wouldn’t it be nice to have a bow-rack for all his bows and a wardrobe for his clothing – maybe just for cosmetic equipment which I rarely use but which is filling my vault. I suppose a bigger house has more storage…


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