Warg attack

4 Jun

Tsu decided it was time to do his lv30 hunter mission, so horse to Adso’s camp, talked to Gytha Lainey and then off to kill some Wargs in the Shire.

To start with as always in these instances Tsuhelm’s heart was pumping as he was unsure as to what would happen next. He was ordered to get the Halfling villagers inside before the attack came so he ran into the hamlet and after speaking with each hobbit got them to go inside, much easier than expected (no arguments or stupid sub quests first…) and no surprise attacks, he made it back to Gytha in time to be ordered north to stop the Wargs, he takes a snack to be fresh and pours flaming oil on his arrows.

Into the woods to the north he heads. The first Warg appears from out of the darkness, it ran straight onto a trap and was then peppered with arrows, still it breaks free and lunges for Tsu but he has now gained focus enough to dispatch with a penetrating arrow shot and a scourging blow. Much tougher than expected, the strongest Warg’s he had experienced so far. More come out of the woods, together this time, in a chaotic flurry of arrow shots and wild swings, surrounded by snapping jaws he is almost constantly blocked and interrupted but slowly the press dies down and Tsu steps out over the bloody fur, victorious. He just managed to kill them all and was glad no more arrived and tipped the balance to the Wargs.

Silence reigns, the attack must be over, Gytha is alive, no Wargs got past (at least he did not notice any passing.)

Choque los cinco – High Five (pitty about the name)

Gloating Tsuhelm stands over fallen Warg

That was really fun, back to Bree-land and Tsu chooses the Cufaron bow as a reward, it is equipped as much better than his old one, it even has funky blue stripes on it, I like.

Dig them funky blue stripes, lucky boar, Tsuhelm is on a fashion shoot!

Will only be using it for a bit as he has a better one to equip that was bought in the Auction house for level 31 or 32.


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