Ered Luin TP grind run day 2 or 3?

5 Jul

Dyort gets to Thorin’s hall and being a forgetful sort starts running around trying to collect Dwarf deed area’s he already has, ends up running west to large mining complex only to realize that the Silver Mine location is to the East. [My nr.1 son hinders the speed of this process by visiting and insisting on making Dyort “op”, his verbal combination of “up-a” and “hop”] Dyort jumps around crazily through Thorin’s Hall [‘Jump Around’ – House of Pain not playing] I rescue Dyort and leave him beside the stable hand ready to continue while I go off to calm nr.1 son.]

 New day.

Dyort off to Nogland where he stupidly takes a couple of quests, quests completed and half an hour gone, hidden Lynx’s were the problem. So of to Gondamon by horse and it almost feels like coming home. [I spent a lot of time with Tsuhelm here, was not playing seriously as nr.2 son was on its way.]

Dyort wraps up some older quests and grabs some fresh ones, out the West gate and follow the cliff killing wolves…progress to killing bears… Dyort finds Glamir but gets side tracked from guide by wrapping up Spider slayer deed [I had mistakenly thought I had completed it, ADV to do:(] There is a small hollow full of spiders to be found near to the Wardspire

…and I have to go to work without actually getting to the Wardspire. I tried but couldn’t find the path 😦

 [I also realize that I forgot to take out the Dourhands so will need to make a quick trip back to Gondamon. Another note that I should make is that I am still on foot, have yet to use my horse medallion…the reason being that I am unable to plan ahead to have a long enough play time to make good use of it. Maybe in the SHIRE…]

2nd day of this run but only 3 and half hours, could be quicker I am sure.


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