Bye bye Ered Luin. For now…

6 Jul

Dyort found the Wardspire [It wasn’t where I remembered it.] killed another score of spiders while getting orientated, no need to stress finishing the slayer deed yesterday.

So legged it back to Glamir and tripped over some burial mounds, so quickly smashed some wights to pieces. Dyort was so busy scattering bones to the winds he failed to notice picking up the quest skull. The wight destruction continued past its bed time. Stumbling around Dyort even came across a sword, lying on a rock pedestal, needed for one of the quests he had signed up for, not even sure if it was in the plan, took it and did it anyway!

Dyort has a long foot slog to Gondamon, entertains himself by making a slight detour to take out those pesky Dourhands he missed earlier. When he finally arrives at Gondamon he hands in all the quests and receives Vow of Vengeance quest, but to be honest he is tired of Ered Luin and decides to pop over to Bree. Uses Milestone skill and can now check out Auction House, 2 new steel swords! Is now Lv18 so visted trainer who taught Dyort how to use the bow, nice, back to Auction House but no nice bows so I think I will get Tsuhelm to craft 1 for him 🙂 Dyort also has filled up his bag with lots of Task items which he turns in for good XP and even some REP, a little help on the TP grind for Men of Bree reputation that is yet to come, Barrow Downs on the horizon…grey days again.

Still has some outstanding business in Ered Luin, wolves need eradicating, Rath Teraig needs exploring and Dyort wants to try his hand at some elite gobs! Couple of quests picked up and not completed…but nothing major. Next up will be the level 15 champion quest 2 enemies left to beat up. Then wrap up some Bree-land deeds before heading off to the SHIRE for more TP grind fun.

I had a look at LOTRO store and no sales for quest packs: am looking for Trollshaws or North Downs so I can start to level Tsuhelm again. Also GP cap and more traits need sorting out. I am even tempted to open some more traits for Dyort but will I regret it afterwards? Starting to like Dyort… [pic]


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