Should I [Dyort] stay or should I go?

13 Jul

Dyort is nearing the end of his TP grind run [would have finished if had more time] and i think I am going to have to keep him. I always knew this could be a danger…I really like the quick fighting style and his ability to survive encounters that Tsuhelm, even now, would have perished in.

He has created a nice lump of TP points but I think I am going to have to use them in creating another charachter slot for TP grinding. I aim to stick with F2P as long as I can, it adds an extra challange and equally an extra reward when I manage to add something new with the TP points I have earned.

The danger is that Dyort also becomes a TP sink, virtues are needed as is the horse skill and these will remove TP from my Tsuhelm progression, getting desperate to remove the GP cap and soon will need new content..[please TURBINE quest pack sale soon…or maybe not too soon if I spend all my TP this weekend]

To have such a dilema for a game is indicative of how important LOTRO has become.  


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