Introducing Fredem – Freedom to TP grind, LOTRO F2P

6 Aug

Fredem started a TP grind in The Shire. Who the hell is Fredem you ask? Well I liked Dyort so much I decided to keep him, I used my TP to get another Character Slot and use this slot for my disposable TP grinder.

I may have made a mistake (unforeseen consequences arose, nr2 son fell really sick and I was unable to play LOTRO at all) as the plan was to TP grind like crazy as there was a 50% sale on quest packs, I was going to get North Downs and Trollshaws…I missed the sale 😦 There was a sale on traits afterwards so I invested all my remaining TP in Dyort and Tsuhelm (even bought an extra race slot in error for Tsu.) also the riding skill for Dyort, a true commitment into his future. TP grind has 2 main goals at the moment: Quest packs and GP cap removal. Tsuhelm has 11GP in overflow…

I took Dyort for a spin on his new horse. Finished off Ered Luin, Wolf Slayer Advanced [pic] and Rath Teraig (sliced up some elite Goblins, died once due to own stupidity…) Reached level 22 in Breeland by wrapping up ORC quests in the North. Dyort is presently hanging out in Auction House waiting for some new swords. The AH has been useless of late, I have been buying and selling with Tsuhelm to equip Fredem and things have been really slow.

Why ‘Fredem’? Well have you seen the movie Braveheart? Remember the scene at the end when William Wallace [replace with Mel if you prefer] gets his guts pulled out but never repenting, screams out, “FREEDOM!” Well ‘Freedom’ and ‘Fredom’ are in use so ‘Fredem’ came into existence. I even created him ugly, male champion looks like an old skinny granddad, hopefully that helps when it comes to the end of his TP grind and I delete him. Fredem like Dyort before him tore through Breeland [oh just remembered that I have still the Old Forest to do…sob sob] and Ered Luin, and at level 20 I decided it was time to explore the Shire TP grinding possibilities.

I have already done the research for a basic TP grind [see below excel pic] but I wanted to incorporate some of the other Shire TP earning objectives: Quests, Reputation, Post Deed and Pie Deed. [see separate blog post …coming soon I hope]


But first I sent in Tsuhelm. He had already slugged his way around Rushock Bog, and completed Bandit and Goblin slayer deeds [basic and adv.] from running the ‘Trouble in Tuckborough’ skirmish again and again. At first it was quite interesting, almost fun but by the end was a real pain in the arse. Tsuhelm told Holly where to stick her pies in the end…he will probably apologize and collect them one day being the completist he is. He did every Shire Quest [I think] for all the Bounder TP and as an extra bonus the Mathoms give Mathom Society Reputation to Friend which gives a further  15TP (including 5TP for Acquaintance.) I think there are 47 mathoms to collect. Some of the quests link in nicely with the basic TP run and some are just plain stupid and possibly a waste of time…still processing this data and this Fredem run is helping.

Fredem swift travelled to Michael Delving, he arrived and quickly learnt to ignore the hobbit speak, focused on finding any available quests, with the intention of if not completing just yet that they will get completed in the course of the trip. So picked up shrew hole filling quest and went North to fill in some holes and then East to Little Delving where he picked up a letter quest and the 1st Post quest, not the same…back to MD avoiding the nosy hobbit on the road into town by scrabbling along the side of the cliff on the left…even walking over hobbithole roofs. Played a little bit of hide and seek, popped in the ‘The Bird and Baby’ [secret pub deed] forgot to craft [crafting quest south of MD] but did pop by South Fields [Farm Deed] and headed off with post to Waymeet.

Had a chat with Dora, rescued some chickens[Farm Deed], killed some wolves and took out the leader of the pack. Finished off Wolf slayer pt.1 but will leave rest for later… Picked up post to Needlehole, only the 1 nosy hobbit to avoid close to the start. Arrived at Needlehole went off to find Daisy the cow [dead] and rescue a money bag from naughty dwarves. This opens up a hunt for orders from these same bad boys and all the while killing slugs in Rushock Bogs. Almost completed, off to kill a Troll,  but had to go to work, TBC…


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