Ciao Barrow Lands – Wrapping up Fredem

15 Aug

Fredem has now completed all deeds that are feasible to do in the Barrow Lands (Barghest Adv completed, Brood slayer…150 done…started to get a bit too greedy at the end and was pulling 8 spiders at a time, died twice 😦 even contemplated going for the 300 for the advanced deed as the rep drops are really useful for TP as well…[but am tired of this old man]) and is now heading off to Lone Lands… still has his horse token so will be using that at some point soon to complete the exploration deeds there.

I emptied Fredem’s bags of stuff, posted most of the items to Dyort. Have remaining half a bag of assorted gems to be sent to Tsuhelm when Lone lands is done. Also checked out the money transfer situation for F2P and i cannot transfer any money! I don’t really understand this as all I do is buy stuff in AH [if anything is for sale…very empty again today] and transfer that to Tsuhelm or Dyort. Just a bit of a drag…oh well!

Dyort by the way at level 22 is ready for some Old Forest and then Barrow Lands…but first he has a storage problem. I have been shipping all might equipment and swords for my next TP grinding champ to him and there is no space left in the bank, or house…basically anywhere…even after chucking out bound potions I never use. So as soon as Fredem is put to rest I will have to start my next champ just so I can free up Dyort.


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