Fredem is not lonely in the Lone Lands

16 Aug

Can really tell that US is on Holiday as server is getting really busy, even at the strange times that I play due to work, wife and kids! Unlike when I cleared Lone Lands with Tsuhelm [OK technically still clearing,,,been an age since I played this blog’s namesake properly…OH yeah! I need new content so TP grinding :(] tsu could basically take all the mobs down now I am competing with flocks of other characters for them!

Anyway managed in the end to snatch enough Goblin kills to complete the basic Gob slayer deed as well as complete the first 15 quests to get some TP for first part of ‘Tales of the Lonely Road.’ [Ha not so lonely at the mo!] I have to remember to let some quests sit instead of chasing every last quest item and wasting time, I will find em when I find em.

The Task items are flooding in and so is the cash, going to have to use it…the last thing I want is GP overflow! I moved my milestone to Forsaken Inn so hopping back to Bree will have to be by horse…a bit longer but makes for quicker questing at the moment!

What a bad moment for double XP on monster kills..Fredem is now flying up…or maybe a good thing because I didn’t plan on getting to Lv30 [Tsuhelm is only Lv34 and he is my main!] but get some extra TP for that! The jury is out.

Because of all this leveling the race of man trait ‘man sword damage bonus’ [apt name, almost a Haiku…]became available, really useful for my champ all I need to do is kill 150 wights! Uh Oh I can feel a trip back to the Barrow Downs…the wights in Lone Lands are too tough to smash!

Undead rise;

Man sword damage bonus;

Bones fall.


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