Fredem back on the lonely road

17 Aug

Nice and quite today, must be too early for most:)

Lone Lands slowly being explored. Wrapped up Gobs, earned first level of Reputation Fredem is now an Acquaintance of Eglain, Giant spiders squashed[1 at a time!] and second part of the lonely road travelled. Got battered by Half Orcs but persevered and continued onwards killing lynx and crows… Overflowing with Task items and accidently even went over the GP cap!

So what do I do, yeah you guessed it I blew all those hard earned TP on getting rid of the GP cap!

Hopped over to Bree to start killing some Wights, gonna get the ‘man sword damage bonus’ and maybe even some new swords to speed up my killing… OH great AH is empty again 😦


One Response to “Fredem back on the lonely road”


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    […] ‘GP cap‘ […]

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