Fredem back on the road of loneliness

28 Aug

Fredem didn’t have a chance to wrap up everything as planned this weekend – it started well[3hr session early Saturday morning], I completed the lv30 Champion quest, really easy, and finished off all those creepy walking trees in the Old Forest. I then started with the lv30 F2P[?] bonus missions which shipped Fredem back and forth around areas not yet opened up. Trollshaws/North Downs/Evendim/Northdowns[missed]/Evendim[again…]. Fredem un-wrapped his horse whistle and enjoyed horsing around…Then wife, kids and accompanying tiredness intervened and that was that until late Sunday! Whistle gone!

Well on foot, Fredem collected Nog legs and wight knuckle bones and valuables and continued culling birdies, orcies and wargies as he encountered them. Squashed a few spidies too. Finished off the birdy quest [Crebain Slayer- Advanced] and about half way on the rest.

All task drops that Fredem has leveled past are being shipped to Dyort [accidentally even those that were about to be given in…OOPS!] Dyort is in position, in Bree and, infront of Second Watcher Heathstraw ready to turn in Tasks. His reputation is slowly increasing, boosted by any rep items Tsuhelm finds. Tsuhelm is in position in the AH, very slow… when his bows and champion horns sell he pops into barrow lands for ash wood, med hides from barghests and if not too busy [and it is mostly at the moment, too busy!] kills some more spiders…over halfway to 300 now!

Also sold lots of hides that Fredem collected 1.1GP per 100 [get same price for the leather so quicker that way!] Did forget to take out some hunter armour he bought in the AH due to lack of storage space. It was a painful learning experience. New bag is needed… more TP expense.

I have already squeezed the 100TP out of Fredem that I had planned and now I think there maybe another 100 to go.

“Thank-you Fredem.”…”Now hurry up and bugger off old man!”


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