A small dose of Fredem

29 Aug

Tsuhelm was out collecting ash wood last night when he wandered into the Barrow Lands and started killing Spiders again, it was going really well, looked like he would complete the slayer deed, with about 50 to go the ‘real’ world interrupted [wife threw a wobbly!] so Tsu was left in the tomb overnight with only spiders for company. He escaped in the morning as quickly as possibly returning to Bree to whittle away at the ash he had collected for Champion Horns and Bows to sell in the AH.

Sent rep and task items to Dyort who leveled his rep with men of bree after handing in his 5 daily tasks.

Finally Fredem was taken for a quick run in Lone Lands, he found the Lonespar to finish off the Exploration Deed for 5 more TP. Left him poised to take on some elite gobs and their pet wargs.


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