Fredem Gone!

6 Sep

Fredem jumping for Joy – Actually Nr.1 son upa

Fredem became frustrated in the Lone Lands and decided to go off hunting wights in Barrow Lands.

Rep items for Men of Bree and a couple of outstanding Deeds. Fredem was unsuccessfully trying to put down the barghest Faegfaer when he was offered help by a lv 20 dwarf and a fellow champion. We soon smashed the barghest and had also soon collected plenty of moss for the moss collecting rep quest.

Only 1 undead lord to put back to dead status… Fergandir but misunderstood and we went off to Great Barrow.

Great Barrow…tried to solo with Tsu to utter failure but this time already in a Fellowship off we went for another crack at it.

Was quite successful up to a point! We managed to attract a couple of more adventurers to the fellowship, so we 5 entered the Great Barrow, it quickly made itself clear none of us had a clue what we were doing! Fredem did die so many time started to break equipment! [Didn’t know but could pop back to Bree to repair and still get back to instance…]

We did eventually manage to get to meet Thadur, the floating white barrow sprites had us stuck for quite a bit! Killing 4 in time was the problem…in the end my suggestion [how proud] of the 2 with bows, a hunter and Fredem, bring em in to center where we all pile in to kill! Worked 🙂

Here we realized as NEWBS that we were to Fellowships at least we were not going to progress and after about 10 attempts we decided to go our separate ways.

Next time will reference tenton hammer guide:

My first Fellowship with Fredem and last…after returning to Bree and turning in Rep quests and all using all rep item he had gathered he managed to be 30 points short of Kindred! So popped to house and used a barrow treasure…I have gathered about 500 of them…can they be used for anything else?

Tada – Fredem kindred of Man of Bree! 20 more TP.

And here I decided to put Fredem away, the old fart was ready to go…sold off all my equipped stuff and posted all Task items and usables to Dyort [Now amazingly overloaded, had to resort to using post system to store stuff temporarily!]

Fredem as a TP grind had been a fantastic success, maybe not as fast as could have been. I am glad I made him ugly and sensibly didn’t invest any TP in him.

Comments on Fellowships:

Crazy and unorganized – everyone running around lost with hardly any communication! I only read afterwards that I need to enable Fellowship chat in case players were trying to talk to me…I was trying to type and move and fight….very annoying!

Only 2nd time ever so I think It can get better. When the Fellowship maneuvers popped up I just hit anything!

Is there no Fellowship tutorials of fake NPC fellowship runs for NEWBS to teach us the basics without scaring away the more experienced players – I know the prize winning LOTRO community would probably help out but I have a small amount of pride that finds this a little bit humbling…will get there 1 day!

 Fredem [in Bree  AH] just before he went, naked as a new born toon.


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