Unsatisfied in Lone Lands

28 Sep

Tsuhelm was left poised to continue collecting sturdy hides from Boars just East of Dol Vaeg, in the lone Lands, he continued for a while, even taking down the signature warg ‘Kraur’ [Love the tracking skills of the hunter as you can almost always find what you are hunting or as in this case thoses rare mobs, wish I had the skill for my TP grinding champions…Sickle Fly slayer deed in Midgewater Marshes!] Tsu is getting 12-20XP per mob including the Orcs that pop up from time to time, half way to lv35 and will never get there at this rate so eventually he gets bored of ‘Boaring’ and heads deeper into Nan Dhelu and then into Angmar. No real stratergy, if it moves kill it and in the case of trees, if it doesn’t move kill it anyway!

Soon Tsuhelm’s bags are overflowing, not helped by the 5 bows ready for AH and the complete hunter armour set (lv35) and pair of earrings [the last sounds a little strange…] and soon my time almost up…

Hops to Bree and starts to distribute crafting items to Arwynneth (tailor) and Dyort (weoponsmith)…POP…computer crashes…I decide to reboot…then Nr.2 son wakes up…milk bottle preparation…finally get back on [son happy with milkJ] log on as Arwynneth who is at Bree AH, all sturdy leather armours sold, restock and jump quickly to Esteldin to produce the daily small pattern for guild progression. Done and I run out the door. Work.


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