Plans for the weekend

1 Oct


Craft and sell stuff, SHIRE TP Grind if have time…


SHIRE TP Grind – Start to Finish


Get to LV35 – probably by running skirmishes, then sturdy leathers around Esteldin, also sort out Woodworking Guild, Harvest lots of Yew.

Prediction Friday on public transport going home

ALL BLACKS vs PUMAS – Rugby Championship on Saturday…

2 horrible yet amazing baby boys…

wife – surely with plans to keep me off the computer…

crappy computer will keep crashing…

REALITY of my weekend

Well my last fear from Friday was close…my wife decided to get remote support to look at the computer: crashing/slow/uselessness…nothing to do with being seriously out of date! They finished late Friday and then I couldn’t log on to LOTRO…was not too bothered.

Next day early start, nr.2 son up early but still not able to play…investigate to find that support had deleted files…ALL program FILES…including some of WINDOWS so support worked on the computer all day again…then RUGBY and then sleep…

Sunday up early with nr.1 son, not really able to play with him as he’s too demanding! So just check…realise that I have to upload the whole game again! 8 hours later success. 2 hours again and finally installed and …hurrah 15 mins of LOTRO play the whole weekend!

Get up early for work today and get Tsuhelm to lv35, Skirmishes and finish off with a few boars for sturdy leathers in Lone Lands…start horsing it to Esteldin …after I logged off to go to work realised that i could have hopped there with Hunter skill…oh well.

At least the computer is working again! If slowly…


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