Rutting in LOTRO

11 Oct
Rut Noun:
  1. A long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles.
  2. An annual period of sexual activity in deer and some other mammals, during which the males fight each other for access to the females.

We are talking about the 1st folks!

5 and a half posts in 1!

Hit the below titles to move around within the blog…[Ok my hyperlinks are not working…properly…page jumps needed. Almost there…]

UH OH! In a rut
Still Rutting
Stuck in ‘a rut’ like a fish in a net
1 of 3 out of ‘rut’
Rut rotation coming soon
Blog Rut

UH OH! In a rut.

Arwynneth is hopping back and forth between Thorins Gate (Auction House) and Esteldin (Superior workbench and grinding tailor guild). At lv 22, she is pretty maxed out equipment wise – very purple, a mix of heavy and medium armour all with might bonuses (except cloak)…she needs a push to lv25, would be really easy just while wrapping up quests in Breeland and Old Forest. Just 1 evening should do the trick. (and wrap up lots of unfinished deeds for the TP, start those that have missed!)

Tsuhelm is in the supply business just East of Esteldin – killing Aurochs for sturdy leathers and gathering Yew wood and pale fibers. To numb the boredom has started messing around with his skill rotations…BLOG COMING SOON (ish) Also grinding woodworker guild.

Dyort is pretty idle – selling some swords at AH in Bree for a small silver income…a trickle only. Must move his arse to the Shire and start TP run…

Shopping List: North Downs…waiting for a sale but as most of my chars are hanging around there would probably quickly pay for itself! (145TP full breakdown here; )

Still Rutting

So basically everything is the same, still in a rut. Only difference was that I was able to extract Dyort from the AH to craft some swords.

Tsuhelm having plenty of opportunity to play around with skill rotations, lots of nice drops including a lv30-39 sturdy have 5 chests and no keys! Yew bows are selling well and the drops bring in lots of silver too. Tsu has the most horrible leggings…I dyed them black but with the rest of the hunter’s armour he just looks like a ballet dancer…luckily no lunch box visible! Hunter’s legging needed urgently.

Arwynneth now has a very nice set of armour ready for lv25 – still a mix of self made med and heavy purchased from AH.

I don’t really get the Armour types in LOTRO…

LIGHT, MEDIUM and HEAVY. Obviously the Armour rating increases for these 3 types. From a bit of research on the forums it also sets your damage mitigation ceiling, 30%, 40% and 50% respectively. But there seems to be no negative would have thought that a full suit of plate armour would physically slow you down or reduce agility or even in regard to 1 LOTRO absurdity make it difficult to swim! [Hope to include pic of Dyort in Armour and Dyort swimming, as he looks ‘heavy’ in his Heavy armour and should sink like a stone]

So I will stick with my mix and match approach as some of the medium armours Arwyneeth make even have better armour ratings that the best heavy armour available in the AH…I’m sure there are much better heavy armour with better might modifiers but I can’t find them.

Final point on Armour: Have to remember that maxing out armour at this stage of the game is actually frowned upon by most of the commentators…focus on leveling, anything will do. But hey I enjoy trying to max out everything, that to me, is also part of the game.

Stuck in ‘a rut’ like a fish in a net

Weekend was a disaster for LOTRO’ing, due to both technical and real world interventions.

Internet connection decided to pack up intermittently, compounded by my shitty computer which likes to crash and boots real slow…a nasty cocktail!

Real world, wife 2 evening of chilling out and watching movies, etc…, kids waking up early and generally preventing me from having access to computer.

So Friday night in a 2 hour session, I played for 30 mins, I got Dyort into the Old Forest to pick some flowers…he got stuck there!

Sunday morning, played 0 mins…how do you play 0 mins? Well you start up computer/game, log in, prepare a cup of tea and your wife appears…no crafting , no flower picking and no AH sale management.

‘Luckily’ it was an Argentinean long weekend so free from work Monday too…I slept through my alarm for work and managed to get up at 630AM and after going through my log in ritual managed to play for 10 mins before servers went down for maintenance…I had an opportunity later when nr.2 son decided he could play alone happily but servers were not up!

Final night of ‘weekend’ is a special time when wife comes to terms of me going off to work and leaving her with our 2 monsters, nr.1 and nr.2 sons! Not a good time for me to pour vinegar onto the wound!

1 hour of LOTRO, uninterrupted, enough time to find some yew wood and sturdy leathers, do some guild grinding…Dyort left picking flowers!

Not enough time…hurry up next weekend, has to be better than this 1.

1 of 3 out of ‘rut’

Dyort escaped the Old Forest after finishing off the POI and flower deeds…

Map stolen from:

Abstract rough path I followed  (i.e. may be misleading)

I tried to find a quick and easy path that took in all the sites but I managed to miss Rhosthon flower and had to backtrack across the whole forest! Encountered and killed killed Eitor-Kalsak [signature spider] for a sapphire shard.

Due to the extended extraction of Dyort I was only able to do some Tsuhelm’s guild grind with 1 small pattern and Arwynneth 1 med and 1 small pattern. Those were enough for Arwynneth to become an Apprentice of the guild…so new cloak coming soon for Tsuhelm…

Er looks like she is here to stay…new TP grinding char slot needed..sobs…need to get TP grinding soon with Arwynneth and Dyort…


Rut rotation coming soon

As I have mentioned Tsuhlem has been working on his skill rotations and I am working on some accompanying graphics to illustrate this with various bits of research…going to be quite a good blog post whenever I get it finished.

Blog Rut

I know I have a huge backlog…will try and address next week…also lots of pics to insert…


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