Tsuhelm’s Hunter Skill Rotations

18 Oct

This project started as had too much time to kill while harvesting Sturdy Leathers and Yew wood East of Esteldin.

It is not a science project but a hands on, how it feels kind of test. I would love to see someone present the exact timings for skill rotations but in my already busy life I will not be going there…

A skill rotation is a grouping of skills that follow each other, they have different effects for example: some cause maximum damage and some move the target around.

First the skills:

Skill timing

Broken up into 4: induction, animation, action, cooldown.

Like in fighting games some moves[skills] fit better together than others…combinations [rotations]

Another factor is the Auto Attack

AA fires only when it has time to between ‘skills’ these can greatly increase damage done and DPS (damage per second)…understanding these can be quite complex…the following graphic may help…

RED: attack out       BLU: attack fail

So with this knowledge I have created the following skill rotations that I use…I have even given them nicknames…(click for bigger picture)

Interesting stuff gleamed while doing research:

Damage = α·β·δ·(y%·(dmg + σ·max dmg·(0.335 + 0.001·ε – 0.000000335·ε^2)) + x)

The Yo-Yo Method for Soloing Elites (similar name to mine…I stole his pew-pew…)

What to Do:

  1. Set up at maximum range. Focus, food, etc. Lay a trap.
  2. Pull. Opening with Heartseeker is OK, but you’ll want to slow it as soon as possible with Strength Stance Quick Shot. Commence Pew-Pew.
  3. Right before the mob reaches the trap, fear it away with Bard’s Arrow. With luck, it will run from you and not stand around looking confused. (If it doesn’t run, repositon yourself at max range, then continue.)
  4. Wait until the fear is about to wear off, reapply a slow and resume Pew-Pew.
  5. The mob should hit your trap and be rooted. Reposition at max range, reapply a slow and resume Pew-Pew.
  6. Bard’s Arrow should be off cooldown by now. Fear the mob and repeat until it dies.






2 Responses to “Tsuhelm’s Hunter Skill Rotations”

  1. tsuhelm December 18, 2013 at 11:10 #

    Needs to be updated after HD…:(


  1. Tsuhelm: To Zinc No the Bog | tsuhelm - December 13, 2013

    […] Tsuhelm’s Hunter Skill Rotations […]

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