19 Oct


n turbine [ˈtəːbain]

a type of motor, operated by the action of water, steam or gas.

We are not talking windmills here…

Riders of Rohan(ROR) has finally arrived after a 40 day delay, ‘to iron out bugs’…we can only suspect that it must have been an infestation of bugs…

I love LOTRO and therefor have a lot of ‘love’ for TURBINE in respect to the fact that they enable me to ‘play’ LOTRO, in fact I would say that I am very generous and forgiving towards them. If they have a problem and tell me about it I will give them, their earnt, benefit of the doubt and let them off.

What happened with the ROR update is strange and needs blame apportioned to those responsible. Yes TURBINE, that is you. It is doubly strange as this is such a sensitive moment for LOTRO, the update is a game winner or loser, LOTRO is over 5 years old, which is old in MMO terms (not for the hardcore fanatics who will be finding ways to play it even after death… undead LOTRO gamers). For MMO’s main target demographic LOTRO is on the edge, (I am sure the actual LOTRO demographic profiles make a strange and fascinating picture.) it needs to keep fresh. I think LOTRO introduced ROR to make LOTRO raise its head above the crowd…it’s a big, rowdy and vocal crowd…

…Horses…already have those…Mounted Combat…

…now if you are on horseback you will stand out but if you have mounted combat you can beat down the rest of the crowd…

This is all ‘end-game’ stuff…in the weird world of MMO’s it is all about ‘end-game’ until Frodo throws that damned ring into Mount Doom’s fiery innards (sorry about the spoiler) it is going to be ‘end-game’. There is a lot of LOTR to still explore and it is a scary thought that TURBINE could stop and LOTRO will fade away without spinning out the end of the story.

That rowdy mass is mostly young, vastly diverse, healthy and full of vim, only some old giants have stood the test of time, some will fall, others will be pushed…Darwinism will prevail and the ‘best’ will evolve…Like the Console wars, the market leaders will have a blend of QUALITY, MARKETING, & LUCK, and it will be cyclical. Ride the wave of success but that wave will wash out and necessitate a quick paddle out to catch another, its best to have a jet-ski waiting to speed up the process and drop you off on a really nice wave. [SURF metaphor]

At the moment WOW is king, GW2 is the hot and shiny Prince(ess for some!), LOTRO is the sturdy Knight, a workhorse but what a fantastic horse…a Warhorse…(ROR)…

It has a story like no other, it has Lord of the Rings to draw upon. It has a community following that cannot be bettered. TURBINE was recently showing off the dragon trophy…

TURBINE, so why disrespect us, your loyal followers, your squires so to speak? I am but a lowly serf [surf again..hehe!] My main is Tsuhelm, lv35 hunter and his 2 sidekicks, Dyort and Arwynneth, levels 27 and 22 respectively, all F2P…I will not be exploring Rohan for some time (I can’t even get enough TP for North Downs at the moment L), ROR is just icing on the cake which I will not be partaking of.  The ROR update had issues and bugs that TURBINE are quite open about…they have a slight reputation of letting some persist past there sell by date…but overall no one minds so long as they are informed and can ‘play’ LOTRO.

My beef is that the update itself had technical issues during the ‘update’ process, to be specific with the loading platform…the fact that it stuck…’examining’ and then sometimes returned ‘201 error’s…and HERE is the problem …TURBINE DID NOT ADDRESS THIS OR EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE  THIS! Why didn’t TURBINE keep its fanatically loyal players informed about these issues? Why not quickly acknowledge and address the issue with advice and support? Files could have been made available to be downloaded to replace the ‘possibly corrupted’ files instead of full downloads and re-installation of the whole game. Yes they were busy…spinning really fast…

ROR was released and going LIVE, but that surely was no surprise to TURBINE! It obviously will be a very busy period and server issues should be predicted and efforts made to minimize problems with procedures to follow IF after all this planning problems still occur. Honesty and transparency are the orders of the day when coping with these issues, unfortunately TURBINE was found wanting in this…

Launch was a bit of a pony when it could have been a warhorse…TURBINE should be roaring!

LOTRO is still the game I love…Don Quixote prevails.


4 Responses to “TURBINE PROBLEMS”

  1. Chocoholic October 22, 2012 at 14:05 #

    I’d like to make a small correction on this. Turbine is definitely paying attention to the problems caused by the RoR expansion and the hotfix from October 17th. The Hotfix was because of issues from the expansion. Now the hotfix gives problems, but they’ve opened an official discussion/reporting thread about that and per Sapience’s statement (http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?483973-Official-Discussion-Client-Issues-%28crash%29-After-Update-8.0.1-%28Oct-17-Hotfix%29/page4&p=6481916#post6481916):
    Thanks for all of the reports and for some of the tips and suggestions you’ve given in other threads.

    From the looks of things there are a number of reasons for the crashing issues. Some of them fixable by making changes to your machine like new drivers, uninstalling Happy Cloud (once LOTRO is installed you don’t need it any more).

    However, we have identified a couple of issues we can address through the game client itself. The team is working this weekend on these fixes and hope to have a confirmed, tested, and fully validated set of fixes for this issue ready to go early next week.

    Just thought I should let you know that. I am a free player like you, with the highest character at level 21, so in the same “league” like you. 🙂
    I love Lotro already, but there are things which are indeed concerning. But, imho, not their efforts to fix (at least partially) the tech issues.

    Have fun playing!

    • tsuhelm October 23, 2012 at 06:52 #

      I agree that TURBINE have now started taking action, I still feel they should have acted sooner and specifically with a fix to the patching problem…they did not do this until 2 or 3 days afterwards.

      And with regards to loving LOTRO, that is in no way diminished. I was just irritated and disappointed by the issues and feel TURBINE could have done themselves some favors by ensuring all was sweet during the ROR introduction. I desire that LOTRO continues to grow and evolve, attracting new blood as well as keeping the dire hard fanatics content!

      Thanks for your input. Tis appreciated 🙂

      • tsuhelm October 23, 2012 at 10:00 #

        ‘die hard’ fanatics…although ‘dire hard’ sounds cool too!


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