Helping Hobbits in Tuckborough…again and again.

29 Oct



Step this way evil horde…the ground is prepared!

I have been running the Tuckborough Skirmish to help with leveling…rank I, solo, it also helps with some of the Shire deeds. (Bandit, Goblin and Wolf…wish they would use slugs and/or flies…as that would really take that grind away!)

Triplets counterattack!

Being a completionist I do not let any hobbits die and go crazy when an encounter goes off as I can’t find them…I end up running into the red boundary…I have done some of the encounters before but only by accident and I can find the Willow tree so I have taken the bear out before!


Wrapped up another skirmish – wow a fancy wood chest!


The following have been taken directly from and another good link for all skirmishes is included below.

Encounter: “I’ll dig my way in and be eating hobbits for dinner”

Tempting as it is to let him, this encounter is for Ghashfog. You’ll find him by back tracking to the Western Hillside and going up the path that the counter-attack came down. Go through the gate at the top and he’s digging down from the top. With this one it’s important you keep an eye on your ally before piling in. They can very easily get lost as you make your way there and therefore not join you. Re-summon if they have gone confused. Ghashfog location: 33.9s 71.2w

Encounter: “A faint chirp of sickle flies comes from the Great Willow”

Go through the gate that has opened up to east of the Souther Hillside, and then you can go south and down the hill. There are two possible secondary objectives in this area. This one refers to “Old Root” who is asleep under the Great Willow. He’s protected by 4 sickle flies around him. You need to kill all of these to wake him up and then you can attack him. Each of these five mobs can be handled individually, waiting for regen in-between if you need to. Old Root location: 33.6s 70.4w

Tsuhelm and friend take a break with old root!

Encounter: “A roar echoes from near the Great Willow” – HAVE DONE THIS ONE!

This is the only patrolling mob in the secondary objectives, and he’s near to the same location as Old Root. Be careful then to engage him separately, and if you have both objectives together, ensure you don’t end up pulling Big Fright and some of the sickle flies, because you’ll regret it. Big Fright is a huge bear. Big Fright location: 33.8s 70.5w (wandering around here).

NOTE: If you get both of the Great Willow secondary quests in one skirmish, you will only receive notification of the Big Fright one, but both will be there.

Encounter: “A laugh erupts, “The Great Smials will burn”” HAVE DONE THIS ONE! (by accident…just ran into him once…)

This cheeky chappy is called Murbarash and he’s directly through the gate that opened to the east and to the left (north). He’s just engaged in a bit of recreational arson there, and you need to get to him to stop him torching the whole place. Be careful when you pull him as he will fire bomb you, so consider any fire resists you may have, and be careful not to stray too far to the east as you’ll pull the next set of mobs from the Eastern Hillside. Murbarash location: 33.9s 71.0w.

Encounter: “A growl echoes from the West Farms”

The last encounter sends you back to the beginning where you came in. Continue back down the road and eventually you will come to the farm where there is an elite wolf, Fithrokh, waiting. Fithrokh Location: 33.6s 72.3w

Its really good of Tuckborough to let itself be invaded over and over so that it can be rescued over and over!


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