Windfola Steel Plate – Not a new Armour!

29 Oct

Tsuhelm has been looking out for a ‘Steel Plate’ since he got to Expert Master level with his woodworking! That has been some time…since 7th of June actually!

(Graph that shows days since start, above 7th of June was the 186th day!)

So I suggest that if anyone knows anyone (that knows anyone…) on Windfola that could sell or donate some ‘Steel Plate(s)’ it would be greatly appreciated.

And why do I need a ‘steel plate’? To make an ‘etched yew brace’ of course! And then I can make: ‘Ornate Yew Club of Combat’ and ‘Ornate Yew bow of Speed’ 

In fact I am thinking of starting a charity to support poor woodworkers who simply do not have access to these Metalsmith materials…


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