Dyort hammers out swords in Thorin’s Hall

30 Oct

Posing in Thorins hall smithing area…

I am sill mining the stats provided by Turbine on mylotro.com. (I also have today entered the LOTRO lottery, so won’t be winning anything on the 1st!)

I have now gotten Tsuhelm, Dyort and Arwynneth up to Expert crafting in Woodworking, Weaponsmithing and Tailoring, respectively. Tsuhelm and Arwynneth are already apprentice craft guild members and Dyort soon will be…

A Fine Gondorion sword is born…

Tsuhelm sells Bows and Champion horns, Dyort Swords and Arwynneth Cloaks.

Sales are good in the AH I just need more time to harvest, craft, sell as well as TP grind and level…Tsuhelm has found a perfect spot in Trollshaws which combines all of these for now, lebethron wood, pristine leather, task drops for Thorins Hall and reasonable experience for kills…will be great when Arwynneth is running this as she can collect the Dwarf-iron ores as well!


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