Trollshaws 2 – 1 Tsuhelm

1 Nov

2 days without power… but finally logged in this morning.

Continued my harvesting run in Trollshaws, since leveling to 36 all the mobs are now blue which is actually irritating as now cannot tell which will give me pristine hides at a glance…I can always sell the extra sturdies…

I managed to take down a troll today, I had to trap it with a set of 3 traps and then another trap, pew pew until half health and it was still a close run thing…I tried 1 more later and it squashed me….so Trollshaws 2 – 1 Tsuhelm…

After this I forgot to ‘activate my sense wood skill’ I was really thinking that someone was harvesting faster than me in the area!

Due to running out of time before work, Tsuhelm got back to Esteldin to craft then bree to AH to sell, Dyort only had time to craft and make a quick trip to AH, Arwynneth was forgotten today…

But the great news as reported before Tsuhelm had been struggling to find Steel Plates…today there were 12 on sale, 100sp/3…I bought em all! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Thank you Sherisong)

Hopefully checking out a new club tonight!


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