Tsuhelm travels in the East (of North Downs)

2 Nov

Tsuhelm had a quick run around the North Downs, East of Esteldin, mainly gathering Yew Wood but a considerable amount of sturdy leathers as well from Aurochs and Wargs…

He traveled further East than ever before and found a tent guarded by Hillmen, Tsuhelm entered to find it without any content at all, not even a decorative box! North of the tent is a small encampment of hillmen…He needs to complete Enmity of Hillmen Deed so killed a few and will be back for more, about 100 more!

Also realized that I find much more of the task items, for the Trollshaws, here than there!

After finishing my collection returned to Esteldin to post of hides and quickly carve a nice new Ornate Club of Tactics…Thanks so much for the Steel Plates ‘NAME’ coming soon…

Then as it was getting close to the time I leave for work I switched over to Arwynneth, forgotten yesterday, handed in some Tasks in Lone Lands, hopped over to Esteldin to craft and my nr. 2 son woke up!

Real world, work…oh well I can keep my fingers crossed that I get some LOTRO’ing done this weekend!

Below is a pic of Tsuhelm leveling up to lv36 during skirmish last week and other pics have been used to update the blog:

I also updated: Helping Hobbits in Tuckborough…again and again. with some pics.


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