620 Day LOTRO Blues

6 Nov

‘I woke up this morning, LOTRO was turned on

I said I woke up this morning, LOTRO was turned on

I played for an hour, then I was gone.’

Tsuhelm came into existence on February 23, 2011…after some initial playing around he promptly went on a vacation to the land of Travian [never again…too addictive] and Tsuhelm came back in January of 2012. By March Tsuhelm was exploring the lands of Middle Earth almost daily, wife, 2 sons and work permitting! By the end of April I had created this blog and I think had become addicted to LOTRO.

I presently play the following 3 characters on the ‘Windfola’ server:

Tsuhelm                   Human                 Hunter                  level 36                Woodworker

Dyort                           Human                 Champion           level 30                Weaponsmith

Arwynneth             Elf                           Champion           level 25                Tailor


Tsuhelm to level 40 but in no rush, and really need to get an expansion area soon. Slowly levelling while harvesting in Trollshaws and North Downs, the latter mainly for task items.

Dyort to 31 or 32 simply to maximize equipment. Is rising really easily in Lone Lands and I predict that it will continue until level 34/35.

Arwynneth to 26 simply to equip a new pocket! I think if I find time can easily raise level in Lone Lands and Barrow Downs…really need to free her up from Esteldin where she is slowly doing guild crafting reputation items…


Tsuhelm and Arwynneth are rising nicely, hope to get Artisan guild status soon, Dyort is not far behind.

Auction House

Tsuhelm’s lebethron bows are not selling well at all…the Ash and Yew bows sold much better…may have to change focus here.

Arwynneth continues to have great sales with her range of cloaks.

Dyort is poor only due to purchasing most of his mats for leveling Artisan but his sales of Fine Gondarion Swords have been amazing!

Turbine Points

Dyort and Arwynneth really need to get down to it in the ‘Barrow Downs’, ‘Lone Lands’ and deed grind ville, ‘The Shire’ (Skirmishes are helping a little in the latter)

Epic Story

I have only run the prologue(s) with Dyort and Arwynneth, while Tsuhelm is over half way through Book 2 (episode/chapter?…I get confused…). I really like doing these, just need the time to sit and enjoy. I also wish the family computer could run the movie clips and the end!

Cosmetic stuff

Starting to get the bug, Arwynneth has a cool grunge chick cosmetic outfit…, trying to stop myself as it could become a time sink, at this moment in time I do not have the time!


‘I’m going to bed

I’m going to bed

I ain’t had no LOTRO, but I’m going to bed…’

Now that really is the Blues…


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