TP GRIND: Dyort cleans up in the Shire

27 Nov

21 Deeds and 88 Quests later Dyort has generated 145 TP (I avoided the pie deed as I hate it… ) I reckon I spent about 9 hours doing this in 5 or 6  sessions since the end of last week and it was a long Argentinean weekend…so that is about 16 TP per hour! I did find a guide that is for generating 400 TP per day that gives a rate of 16.66 TP per hour so I am content.

Link for TP in Shire:

Link for 400 TP in 1 day:

I love old English.  After creating the following table – Word pointed out that ‘earnt’ is not a valid spelling – spellchecker is US English (it is at work I am compiling this after all…) but it got me thinking and it turns up that it is an anachronism from old British English, well, being a Yorkshireman by birth and half Welsh to boot, I will stick using it! For those that are confused please read ‘earnt’ as ‘earned’ – we learnt that some past participles are spelt differently today!

Done and dusted! Full list of activities below…

 Wolf-slayer (Advanced) Deed 10 TP earnt
 Wolves At Waymeet Quest
 Rescue Doras Chickens Quest
 Wolf-slayer Deed 5 TP earnt
 Worries From Waymeet Quest
 Bundle for Waymeet Quest
 The Top Hiding-Place Quest
 Crafting: Michel Delving Craft-fair Quest
 Hiders and Seekers Quest
 Join the Bounders Quest
 Prologue: Mundos Complaint Quest
 Bundle for Michel Delving Quest
 Close Up Their Burrows Quest
 Goblin-slayer (Advanced) Deed 10 TP earnt
 Vile Defender Slayer Deed
 Venomous Blood-arrow Slayer Deed
 Death-monger Slayer Deed
 Zealot of Pain Slayer Deed
 Bearer of Blight Slayer Deed
 The Wolf in Exile Quest
 The Founding Writ Quest
 Bundle for Tuckborough Quest
 Refurbishing the Town Hole Quest
 Bundle for Michel Delving Quest
 Slug-slayer (Advanced) Deed 10 TP earnt
 A Gift for the North Quest
 The Life of a Bounder Deed 10 TP earnt
 The Dwarves of Needlehole Quest
 Slug-slayer Deed 5 TP earnt
 Tell Bounder Chubb Quest
 Daffodil is Missing Quest
 Bundle for Needlehole Quest
 Adelards Chapter Quest
 A Sack of Feed Quest
 Fallen Apples Quest
 Pie for The Green Dragon Quest
 Shore Up the Fence Quest
 Old Sally Quest
 Honey-bears Quest
 Lobelias Fireworks Quest
 Long Live the Queen Quest
 A Salve for Stings Quest
 Prologue: Flourdumplings Stand Quest
 Needlehole Watch Quest
 Lucky Sling-stone Quest
 The Life of a Bounder (advanced) Deed 10 TP earnt
 Spider Plague Quest
 Bundle for Overhill Quest
 Lobelias Pie Quest
 Bundle for Hobbiton Quest
 Confront the Old Took Quest
 The Last of the Fireworks Quest
 Belcos Writ Quest
 The Bird and Baby Quest
 The Old Tooks Favourite Quest
 A Hidden Stash Quest
 Longos Leaf-waggon Quest
 Gerebert Misses a Meal Quest
 Ghost of the Old Took Quest
 Bundle for Stock Quest
 The Golden Perch Quest
 The Vigilance Committee Quest
 The Secret of the Collar Quest
 Howling at Midnight Quest
 The Trouble With Harvest-flies Quest
 Fate of the Black Rider Quest
 Bundle for Budgeford Quest
 Longos Missing Waggon Quest
 Leaf in Woodhall Quest
 The Farms of the Shire Deed 5 TP earnt
 Harvest-fly Slayer (Advanced) Deed 10 TP earnt
 Harvest-fly Slayer Deed 5 TP earnt
 A Few Pages Short Quest
 Cloak of the Black Rider Quest
 A Taste for Pork Quest
 Spectre of the Black Rider Quest
 Seeking Saltpetre Quest
 The Veiled Menace Quest
 Brigand-slayer (Advanced) Deed 10 TP earnt
 Violet in Peril Quest
 The Life of a Bounder (final) Deed 15 TP earnt
 Spider-slayer (Advanced) Deed 10 TP earnt
 Spiders in the Quarry Quest
 Spider-slayer Deed 5 TP earnt
 The Sights of the Shire Deed 5 TP earnt
 Restless Roost Quest
 Prologue: Make Yourself Useful Quest
 My Grandsons Lunch Quest
 Bundle for Scary Quest
 Bundle for Woodhall Quest
 Bandages for Callum Quest
 The Menace Confronted Quest
 The Floating Log Quest
 Many Happy Returns Quest
 Wolves in the Fields Quest
 Took and a Tower Quest
 Old Odos Leaf-Farm Quest
 Friend to the Mathom Society Deed 10 TP earnt
 The Warg of Budgeford Quest
 Near the Bounds of the Shire Quest
 Oatmeal Problems Quest
 Calling for Charcoal Quest
 The Fate of Prunella Boffin Quest
 Prologue: Troubles To Come Quest
 The Plough and Stars Quest
 Distant Dangers Quest
 Prologue: Goblin Foothold Quest
 Sheep Theft Quest
 Prologue: The Aid of Halros Quest
 Bears On the Greenfields Quest
 Prologue: Pansy Tunnellys Tale Quest
 Bundle for Brockenborings Quest
 By Hook or By Crook Quest
 Brimstone and Sparks Quest
 Finding the Nest Quest
 The Big Black Bear Quest
 The Green Dragon Quest
 Shire Brew-master Deed 5 TP earnt
 Bundle for Bywater Quest
 Trotters Task Quest
 Prologue: Beneath the Greenfields Quest
 Prologue: Bullroarers Club Quest
 Prologue: The Quarry In Scary Quest
 A Bounder of Great Merit Quest
 A True Friend to the Quick Post Quest
 Restoring the Quick Post Deed 5 TP earnt
 Free the Tree Quest
 Web-cutter Quest
 Untangled Webs Quest
 The End of the Matter Quest
 Flare For Danger Quest
 Inspire Postman Oddfoot Quest
 The Search for Idalene Quest
 Felling Trees Quest
 Defending the Bridge Quest
 Bolster the Defences Quest
 Talbot Redeemed Quest
 The Founders Book Quest
 A Poor Guard Quest

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