Blog neglect – As Dyort gets bogged down in North Downs

28 Nov

Dyort has gotten bogged down in North Downs – Started well but Thestlebridge quests got tricky fast…some of these Orcs are tough! Only 150 to go for Advanced slayer deed so ran away to Esteldin to hand in one of Lv30 free quests for 10TP.

Arwynneth and Tsuhelm are struggling with useless AH action. Whereas Dyort’s swords are selling well – he now has over 15GP richer than ever before!

RW is seriously detracting from my blog writing: end of financial semester at work and we have 1 week to wrap up 2 weeks work, so real difficult to sneak some blogging in…like this…

My long commute has enabled me to write the following posts: (not in chronological order)



Dyort Day1 shire (have an idea to also write up  the whole Shire TP grind as a story!)

Bejeebers (Beelzebubs..)

Lotro Status

(will they ever make it…my little scribble filled book now has about 30 unpublished posts, many deemed irrelevant now!)

Will keep my fingers crossed…Christmas soon, so hopefully things will relax a bit…


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