Flower picking East of Esteldin

6 Dec

Dyort spent most of this morning picking up flowers (well plants: Hillborn Orchanet, Harrow Weed, Periwinkle and Hillborn Woad) East of Esteldin.

To break the tedium of this carefree activity he was killing lots of  ‘bad’ Earth-kin and Wargs with the occasional Auroch. Wandered far East and almost made it to Oskari until 5 tough Earth-kin warriors decided it was time to chase Dyort off. Picked up the Auroch Skull with difficulty (Dyort couldn’t climb up onto the rock to pick it up without getting mounted first!) and got it back to Rusford (the ‘good’ Earth kin camp…) only to drop it just before handing it in!

Before calling it a day handed in some soft skin, heavy sword and short bow tasks.

More flowers to pick West of Esteldin tomorrow if my wife lets me…it’s her birthday!


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