Maths: 2.5-1.5=1

20 Dec

2 and half hours planned for LOTRO adventures with Luflaf (had even hoped to check AH action on Windfola) broken up by various computer crashes requiring restarts each time: Result about an hour of gametime.

Had hoped to finish off Bree Advent, Sick Fly hunt and Neekie squashing, managed the first and only just!

Am looking at laptops as will be away in San Clemente, Argentina for a week (have checked surf forecast and is off season and not really a good spot!) but probably find some Wifi…new laptop will hopeful run LOTRO without any issues! I wonder if my wife and kids will let me play!


2 Responses to “Maths: 2.5-1.5=1”

  1. Telwyn January 9, 2013 at 09:42 #

    Hi, found your blog via a like on mine. Ah TP grinding, I’ve never needed to in LoTRO but did for a while in DDO with my old guild – we’d reroll silly groups of toons on different servers to grind out the starter / harbour area to get the quickest return on TP. It was fun for a while but I’m happy to be a lifetimer in LoTRO and not to need to do it now 😉


    • tsuhelm January 10, 2013 at 07:54 #

      Thanks Telwyn.
      I quite like the grinding (I earnt that feeling!) when I have time…at the moment with computer issues (the laptop is still in the shop), 2 kids and an unsympathetic wife I wish I could also be a lifetimer and concentrate on the finer aspects of LOTRO…my main has gone up 3 levels in 6 months.

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