25 Mar

Computer is fixed, indeed has been given a make over! For the first time it runs High res graphics without going into slow motion!

So pretty are the images that I keep getting lost as I simply do not recognize the scenery.

Best moment so far was the heat haze in Thorin’s hall’s smithing area…I thought at first my nr.1 son had done something strange while he was riding around on my horse in there! (Obviously that was the end of LOTRO for the day, both sons awake and demanding attention!)

It has been so long since I was able to play that I lost all my earnings from AH sales and probably lost some of my internal post (do not have shared storage!)

I also had no idea what to do next:

Dyort(lv38): Given up on North Downs (although yet again tried to wrap up Epic story book 3, only to get lost chasing orcs in Nan Wathren…hate this place.) Popped over to Lone Lands (via Bree and Forsaken Inn…must get more milestones!) and after finishing off all quests in Nan Delhu – Master of Ruins found(eventually) and smashed, went South to Harloeg, and was amazed that still hardly any quests to do here, I’m sure I had great fun with Tsuhelm, so after collecting some disgusting food stuffs which I was unable to turn in due to full invetories, no NPC merchant, went North to Agamaur, same issues, still no NPC merchant, completed a couple of quests but unable to hand in! Did complete Wight Slayer Deed for Lone Lands. Eventually found an NPC merchant by sneaking past elite hillmen and was able to off-load a lot of rubbish, then Dyort ran foul of tough darkwalkers… back to Ost Guruth ready to post off lots of rubbish to Arwyneth.

Tsuhelm (lv37 – main overtaken by Dyort!): buying and selling in Thorin’s Hall’s AH, needs to head off to North Downs…will give it some time before I do that!

Arwyneth (lv28): Crafting in Esteldin – so much to do

Luflaf (lv20) – Silverlode: North of Bree… had some mindless fun even though I logged in only to pay rent…must remember that this is a TP grinder only…forging ahead only to enable TP grinders to follow!

LOTRO prettier than ever…happy to be back and clueless as what to do next!


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