27 Mar

‘You want it all but you can’t have it…’ ‘Epic’ – Faith No More

I still have faith in LOTRO even though Dyort’s prayer was not answered [link] so this morning he continued Epic quests…

Volume I – The Shadows of Angmar, Book I – Stirrings in the Darkness

Chapter 8 Master in the Wood

Travel into Old Forest and find Tom Bombadil – easy as have had lots of practice getting lost here.

Chapter 9 Lilies for the River-daughter

Too easy…4 lilies collected

Chapter 10 Into the Barrow-downs

Kill bird woman and her birds – not scary at all…

Chapter 11 Othrongroth*

More like it, into the barrow run kill, run kill, run kill.

Chapter 12 The Black Rider’s Designs

Back to Bree to find shock, horror Strider gone… confusion, speak to barman and find that Gandalf is in the house.


Dyort ‘chilling’ by the fire with Gandalf!

Gandalf also sends Dyort off on a link quest to Book2…also a quick travel to Rivendell…on a quest for Gandalf…will do one day, beats walking! (Walked/ran with Tsuhelm for a firework quest for Gandalf, not made the trip as a chicken yet…)

Volume I – The Shadows of Angmar, Book II – The Red Maid

Foreword: Aiding the Order

Head north to Saeradan at his little cabin for a transport link to Candaith at his camp in the Lone-lands…

Chapter 1: Rise of the Orcs

Had already done this? I realize I could have avoided doing BkI…

Chapter 2: An Orc Messenger


Chapter 3: War-master Uzorr


Chapter 4: Light in the Darkness

Up to top of Weathertop and down again…rubbed a rock at its top…wow!

Chapter 5: Retake Weathertop – Fellowship or Solo-only

Up to top of Weathertop, fighting this time…’Come on baby light my fire’, I lit the fires on the way!

Chapter 6: Protected by the Eglain

Talk to Gadaric Munce at The Forsaken Inn…ok …why?

Chapter 7: Radagast the Brown

Talk to Radagast the Brown in his tower in Ost Guruth… ok…had milestone so easy!

Chapter 8: The Red Swamp

Off into the red swamp, well er actually going to work… same thing?

Epic…not really but progressing and look forward to taking the later quests…nearer to Dyort’s level.


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