Wrapping up Easter Eggs…

3 Apr

Or should I say Epic quests…

Dyort finished BookII: The Red Maid as follows:

Chapter 8: The Red Swamp

Collect bog-moss from the bog-prowler nests (0/10)

Done…not as disgusting as you would think!

Chapter 9 Bloated Dead

Defeat wights in Haragmar (0/15)

Done…Easy… although I remember when they were tougher before Dyort headed to North Downs…

Chapter 10: Breeders of the Dead

Collect sigils from gaunt-men (0/5)

Again…piece of sigil cake…although as above those Gaunties used to kick his arse!

Chapter 11: The Stone Speaker

Talk to Aric the Stone-speaker in Harloeg


Chapter 12: A Dead Man’s Challenge

Talk to Emelin

Chatted after long trip south to Ost Haer.

Chapter 13: In the Gaunt-lord’s Grasp

Defeated Brudhraw west of Ost Haer in Nindor. Again nothing tricky here…

Chapter 14: History of the Red Maid

Communicated some more with Radagast the Brown.

Chapter 15: The Red-pass

Soloed: Dyort super powered! 9000+ morale and chop chopped everything that moved, Radagast just slowed him down. Bog prowlers killed contributed to slayer deed…nice.

Bog prowler deed to be done..ah ha…Reflecting Pool lets you re-run epic instances…(I never knew this…)

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest blade in all of LOTRO?”

I found useful to use it as a quick hop that nets 10 bog prowlers each time to get to the Eglain-encampment of Red Swamp missions…especially useful as constantly overflowing with various task items to be sent to Arwynneth.

Chapter 16: Agamaur Secured

Another talking to by Radagast, Dyort told him where to stick book II and Radagast gave him a punishment mission of sorting out some errands so off to find Hana the Young and then Frideric the Elder in Ost Guruth…pretty pointless…

DONE… er while doing all this completed bog prowler slaying deeds and all the solo missions available…

Dyort has now wrapped up all  SOLO content (mas o menos) within F2P areas (+ North Downs)…

He has a large list of small and full fellowship quests to do in North Downs and Lone Lands, and a couple of deeds outstanding…all a bit tedious…(troll slaying, barrow downs…) a couple of exploration for 5TP…

I am tired of Dyort, I feel a little guilty that he passed Tsuhelm, my main…

First will try Trollshaws epic quests: BookIV: Chasing Shadows, at the very least should get some Dwarf metal ore and Pristine Hides…I hadn’t realized that you could do the epic quests without buying the area 🙂


Buenos Aires managed to get flooded, government is a year round April Fool’s joke so no power for 2 days…wife permitting…I will go back to Tsu soon!


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