A third of 2013 has gone and its a bad year for LOTRO

4 Apr

This is crazy! The third day begins in Buenos Aires without electricity and more importantly that means, yes you guessed it…no not that there is now no water, which there isn’t, but disastrously no LOTRO!

This year due to RW (real world) interventions such as:

Nr1 son – He wont let me play at all, if LOTRO is on the computer he is there demanding the controls, hoppa hoppa (space bar) and now the horse riding!

Nr2 son – He always wakes up first but is tranquil so enables me to generally log in to LOTRO but objects to lack of undivided attention so more intensive play than crafting not possible. He also generally wakes up Nr.1 son or worse, wife, at some point!

Wife – She is not really gamer friendly, we have had some humdinger discussions about my LOTRO gaming…er…what…er how…er oh well…whatever…leading to spells where I have demonstrated my ability to live without…

Work – Although with commute it sucks up 12 hours a day I actually play more often when I am working than when I am on vacation! I can guarantee some play time before work as it is too early for my kids and wife to interfere, whereas on vacation I get up later and have less access to the computer.

Computer – Has been struggling since end of last year and after 2 repairs it failed to handle the update 10, best guess being integrated Intel graphics on old motherboard issues, but luckily computer then died completely…honest it was not me…and wife decided that we could/should upgrade/replace it. So it was gutted and refitted and LOTRO runs better than ever…hi res even!

Vacations – Xmas, New Year, Easter, my birthday and some of the many ludicrous Argentinian free days – all of these prevent me from playing LOTRO, it be family time!

So having a look at some of the statistics I keep…(yeah sad I know!) I can see that so far this year I have played LOTRO less than I played in the month of November 2012!

Dyort 2013


Hoping that there is electricity tonight for tomorrow morning!

‘Woah, woah, woah. Way too many words. I was like “What?” and then I was like “Huh?” and then, uh, I got a little bored. Something about clutches? Anyway, I’ll do my best. Ciao!’ – Cat in BOLT


One Response to “A third of 2013 has gone and its a bad year for LOTRO”

  1. tsuhelm April 8, 2013 at 11:27 #

    Amazingly the LOTRO drought continues…electricity back but telephone line damaged…no internet 😦

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