3 in 1

18 Apr

Day before yesterday

Luflaf: AH sales successful from 0 to 3GP, 6 more weeks maintenance paid for house, shouldn’t have to log in before then but probably will as it is so relaxing – like a spring day. Frollicking in fields north of Bree.

Tsuhelm: Picking flowers and warg killing east of Esteldin.

I was thinking about moaning about the quest tracker, specifically in regards to the flower picking quests as it was sending me back and forth without finding any. On reflection the ‘Radar’/map, red dots and guidance arrows shouldn’t be there at all…the game immersion would be much better without…obviously I realize its bloody helpful most of the time. Dyort had a similar problem hunting Orcs in Nan Wathren where the multi levels and rope bridges just add to the confusion. My point being without this aid I [the player] would construct a better internal map of the area, and in the end [after a time where getting lost would be part of the learning process as in RW] would know the area better. The red arrow displayed on the map view is another example, how difficult is it to scan the horizon and compare to the map, matching landmarks on both, therefore orientating the character.

I won’t moan about it though as I suppose the whole interface is like this.

I have thought up a challenge to do one day: Set to 1st person view, no radar/map and no HUD. It would help with learning key combinations as well.


Tsuhelm: Continuing my flower picking late into the night, I was interrupted by my wife who had been disturbed by Nr.1 son. I had no volume for this reason but had heard nothing, demonstrating the amount of concentration required for these flower hunts. With an upset wife I called it a night…yet more flowers to be picked…

Finally completed all the flower picking quests in the morning…not all handed in as yet. Then I wrapped up some Earth-kin quests, missing book, bad brother’s friends killed, chat with bad brother and rune received. Picked up an Auroch’s skull and ran back to Earth-kin camp. Offloaded a huge amount of junk that I had picked up in Esteldin, posted sturdies to Arwynneth and Yewies to Dyort (200 to put up for sale in AH…got some Hillmen quests to do…checked race deeds and have the last outstanding…over 200 to kill. Great!

Had to run out of house as was 15 mins late for work…no chance to craft or post sales 😦


Tsuhelm: Hills climbed to kill hillmen. Wargs killed to collect sturdies. Earth-kin killed…as they were in the way.

More quests completed for Earth-kin and Dwarves.

Ran out of time again, ran out of house 10 mins late for work, but did get Arwynneth started on processing sturdies.


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