North Downs, Deeds to be done

2 May

Tsuhelm is wrapping up North Down Deeds and Quests. Not many solo quests left and only the following deeds with missing destinations:

Strongholds Exploration

Tumat – 16.8S, 36.0W

The Eastern Ruins

Ost Crithlanc – 7.6S, 35.0W

The Villages of the Earth-kin

Kar Lak – 11.0S, 33.5W

The Western Ruins

Amon Raith – 12.6S, 52.8W

Minas Vrun – 11.4S, 51.2W

Ost Nuaran – 8.0S, 53.2W

Falconer’s Tower – 8.7S, 53.4W

Norbury Gates – 8.8S, 55.2W

Glirost – 9.4S, 59.3W

Tham Lorn – 11.2S, 59.2W

Reedemer Slayer Deed

I hope I can find some that are not greyed out, then those wraiths wont know what hit em!


North Downs needs to get done…


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