TP flowing in from Ered Luin

13 May

TP are flowing in…managed to resist the temptation NOT to get a trait slot for Tordy…will wait for a sale…TP will always leak when grinding…I try not to get too depressed!

Ered Luin flew by…maybe not as fast as the Champ TP grind run as they just multi-mob everything. The Area just flows, no back-n-forth and repetitive travel, no huge slayer deeds…nothing tricky but everything nice and relaxing.

Tordy reached Lv18…has a stunning set of skills…literally, almost everything stuns… improved staff-strike traited and that stuns too!

Moved on to the Shire…strted well already in Needlehole…my own TP route going to plan…

OK was doing research on Cooking for Tordy.. he picked up the quests and is irritated that he cannot find the ingredients – as a tinker he doesn’t have a food tracker skill. After further research I found out that having a farmer will help…ah ha…Tsuhelm has Farmer profession…un-leveled so will be moving Tsuhelm to Farming duties for a bit…

Ok Profession-wise that is almost complete…Just need Armourer and Scholar. Cannot combine the 2 so at least 1 more alt slot will be needed. (oh no..char slot is on sale…please resist..) Warden to be will be Armourer… erm…Rune-Keeper Scholar…all falling into place…Maybe a dwarf as haven’t started 1 yet!

I have a Hobbit, Opopa on RP Laurelin…the little burgler is progressing really slowly, I play only at weekends when Nr1 son gets up and I am still playing..I use ‘story mode play’ i.e. I read aloud all dialogue to Nr1 son…who is more interested in hopping about (therefor name) than progressing with game… He was also fascinated by the stables…wow…horses and look …a chicken! (20 mins later the same…)…then wife is up and then no more LOTRO for another day…well sometimes 🙂

OMG –  LOTRO update 11 today..please please please work without problems.



One Response to “TP flowing in from Ered Luin”

  1. Chocoholic May 14, 2013 at 14:50 #

    See, now this is where the multi-accounting comes in handy 😀 I don’t need to buy character slots and I can still have all the crafting alts I want (and need!). I’ve got one character for each vocation. Yeah, I’d like to get into all the craftig guilds. That means I needed to make as many alts as there are vocations 🙂 And with only 2 free character slots I knew I needed those extra accounts. Thank you Turbine for not forbidding it!

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