Tsuhelm’s farming methodology and eventual nomenclature

16 May

Tsuhelm has being optimising his Farming technique…

Started off with the Square,

‘Sow turn, sow, turn, sow, turn, sow, turn now harvest!’

4 crops sown and collected..

Progressed to the Pentagon and then pushed it to the Hexagon before blasting to a Octagon.

Ok so Tsuhelm can hack it…lets try some more:

Green Onion - decahedron

Green Onion Decagon

10 sown and 10 harvested.

Spring Barley Clock

Spring Barley Dodecagon – or the ‘CLOCK

12 sown and 12 harvested.

‘The Clock Method’

Sow, turn to 1 o’clock position, sow, turn to 2 o’clock position…until sow, turn to 11 o’clock position, sow, turn to 12 o’clock position  and start harvesting.

Can you do more?



‘When you do so much farming in game that you see a field of wheat in the RW and you want to ‘equip’ your farming tool and ‘harvest”


6 Responses to “Tsuhelm’s farming methodology and eventual nomenclature”

  1. Chocoholic May 16, 2013 at 10:34 #

    We cannot harvest these wheat fields? Why not? Hmmm….. Better not tell Sheherezi that. She’ll go stark raving mad.
    Anyway, Wow, 12 rounds! Gotta try that! How were your crit results (well-tended fields) and what was the produce? With the four-round, I found I got an average of 3 crops per field and I got quite some mastery components for my cook. Is it better with the 12-round? Or perhaps the same?

    • tsuhelm May 16, 2013 at 10:37 #

      Will do some stat work later…always wife permitting! I had to drag myself away from crafting last night to get Tordy doing the Shire again and Tsuhelm had to be pushed to go collect hides…
      If I start to generate stats on all my crafting I am doomed 🙂
      I like stats…Oh no!

      • Chocoholic May 16, 2013 at 10:42 #

        I’ve got a hubby complaining I’m a computer addict…..Sh, don’t tell him it’s Lotro 😀
        Anyway, I try to limit my Lotro / computer time to the time he’s still at work and I’m home already. We don’t have kids (yet), so I can generously divide my time between Lotro, work for an energy club, the household and… well, other things 🙂
        Stats on crafting is fun! I only know it because I had to make a whole lot of…. grains/whatever for my cook. That’s when I noticed how much you can get in general and how much mastery components you can get. Which BTW, are worth a lot of silver/gold the higher the level. A, but I need them for my crafters…..

      • tsuhelm May 16, 2013 at 10:47 #

        I have admitted that I am a LOTRO addict and my wife has been amazingly understanding of late…there have been moments….
        *Love ya honey. Te amo*
        With 2 young kids, work (+commute) fitting LOTRO is hard, I have learnt to survive with minimal sleep!
        I have been planning a Gaming timeline for an age…the last 2 years are just solid LOTRO!

      • Chocoholic May 16, 2013 at 11:08 #

        Ah, I remember that. Currently I’m partly in sick-leave (or whatever it’s called when you’re mostly at home because your foot doesn’t work like it should and you have job that requires loads of walking….. cleaning). But I remember the times I worked for a municipality and had a fulltime job. It was hard to keep up. And since my hubby really isn’t into gaming… at all… But he’s understanding, as long as he gets attention too. And who wouldn’t want that?
        Let’s see the last 2 years… I’ve tried to play webbased games for half a year because my computer was so out of date (10-year old motherboard with a graphics card of 64MB….) it couldn’t properly pull Lotro anymore. Even with the lowest graphics and the low-res client I had big-time lags and other problems.
        Turns out the old computer even had problems with the webbased games, can you imagine that? The only game I managed to keep up with, for a bit, is Dragon Cave. Love that game. Collecting and breeding Dragons…. Yeah, that’s something I love too!
        So…. before the last half year? I’ve looked into playing other games, but never really got to it. There were so many games I wanted to play which computer really couldn’t handle, that I decided to stick to Lotro.
        But now that I have a brand new computer which is 100 – 1000 times better than my old one (I’m still doing the happy dance because of it), I’ve decided to really work on developing my game (MMORPG) and therefore I need…. right, research other games 😀 Now there’s a good excuse, right? Next week I’m going to make a seperate blog, especially for that: My Ultimate MMORPG. How I’m going to test/research everything is something I still have to determine, but it’s something I’m looking forward to. As long as I still have time for Lotro (because I love the Hobbit & Lord of the Rings books!) and Dragon Cave.
        Anyway, back to the subject, crafting rates and game timeline… No game timeline for me, at least not worth noting. But crafting rates/chances/whatever people wanna call it, that’s something I’m mildly interested in. In the future I want to do some test runs for it. I understand you need to make in the thousands of one item to really say anything about critrate and critchances, but it’s an interesting subject nonetheless.
        Anyway, back to do some household chores. I’ve got some laundry waiting to be ironed (that’s correct English, right? No native speaker here 🙂 ) and I really want this box of laundry out of my living room by the end of this evening, tomorrow at the latest! After all, I gotta check if everything runs smoothly now the HOTFIX is done…..


  1. WTF am I doing? Crafting=time sink! | tsuhelm - May 16, 2013

    […] …[screen shot coming soon or in fact check out this blog post: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/tsuhelms-farming-methodology-and-eventual-nomenclature/%5D […]

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