TP GRIND is ON: 200(ish) needed by Thursday!

20 May

I checked out the LOTRO Store sales this week:

Casual Stroll to Mordor are on holidays so no in depth run down available. But I did notice that some Quest areas are on sale I have been waiting to get Trollshaws but Angmar is also on sale and I think although more expensive that is where I will go.

Quest Pack: Angmar: Over 200+ quests, 3 instances & 1 raid for levels 40-52 … 20%off normal I think that is 636TP…

I need about 200TP then…for Thursday…er well…I can do it…I think…

The last 2 months have been slow as you can see but I have just started getting into the TP grind grove of late with Tordy and I can already create my Warden Heavy Armourer as well…


Tordy is wrapping up Shire, Arwynneth crazy with Tasks and Crafting but she has a a huge potential for some quickTP as not done Old Forest, Barrow Downs and Shire…, Tsuhelm is checking for uncompleted Deeds…Brood Hunter for example…I was missing about 50 spiders! Dyort…has done almost everything will be sticking in AH. 


5 Responses to “TP GRIND is ON: 200(ish) needed by Thursday!”

  1. Chocoholic May 20, 2013 at 12:56 #

    I sure hope you make it! I’ve been i doubt about it: get enough TP for one Questpack, or do the big grind (get 8 more characters through Bree, The Shire, Ered-Luin and the Lone Lands) to get enough TP for the basic questpack bundle (Eriador bundle: It’s 3995 TP, but with that pack I’ll save 1265 TP, which of course is very interesting 🙂 But it will mean a very intensive grind. I’ll have to think about it.
    Making alts on other servers is now very interesting. It’s good I made one on Vilya and Snowbourn already. I’m gonna make more and buy a house. With the chests I can save the maps from the events and get the Carthographile deed complete too.

    Good luck with getting all your deeds complete! TP Grinding is kinda fun, as long as you know what you do it for 😀

    • tsuhelm May 20, 2013 at 13:07 #

      Yeah I didnt realise that hobbit presents where per server…how many servers are there now? I could spend my whole day’s lotro time logging in and checking gifts!

      • Chocoholic May 20, 2013 at 13:13 #

        If I’m correct there are 29 servers. I’m using Vilya and Snowbourn for my default TP grinding. BTW, just in case you didn’t know/realize:
        If you don’t finish the introduction quest where you have to pay 10 TP for some item, you have 10 free TP already. You can complete this once on all servers. Someone told me you could do this with both characters per server, but I haven’t tried that out yet. I’ve got a few other accounts with which I can test it. I think I’ll do that this week. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

      • tsuhelm May 20, 2013 at 13:46 #

        I think I tried but you can only do it once 🙂
        Whereas I think the map deed is 20TP for all chars on a server as they can lend them out!
        I have 1 map at the moment!

      • Chocoholic May 20, 2013 at 13:58 #

        Yes. That’s why I’m hoping to be able to get a house. I’ll simply store the maps in the house chests and give all the characters access to the house. Handy with characters from another account as well 😀
        I’ll just need to make sure I get all the maps somehow. One item for the 2013 bucketlist: Get all the maps needed for the deed. on Nimrodel, Vilya and Snowbourn. I guess the Vilya and Snowbourn characters get some festival fun too 😀

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