Angmar Area Purchased – a TP grind success!

24 May

I did it, well Arwynneth actually did it with a last minute shire slaying session of Wolves and Goblins!

Angmar was on offer in Turbine Store – 20% off… I had 2 days to get about 200TP…

Not as easy as it sounds as I didnt really have any extra time to play…so I needed TP and I needed them fast!

I checked all Characters for soon to be completed or missed ‘easy’ Deeds:

Tsuhelm wrapped up Brood killer in Barrow Downs, and became kindred with Mathom Society (a happy synchronicity that rep items drop from spiders)…30TP

Dyort did first part of Redeemer in North Downs and found some missed Western Ruins…10TP

Opopa – collected free 10TP from being 1st char on Laurelin server 🙂

Tordy killed Brigands, Wolves, Flies, Goblins and Spiders, restored last part of quick post, became an advanced bounder and then a bounder proper (final Part), visited the farms, saw the sights of the Shire, and became known to Mathom Society:…120TP

and finally at the last minute Arwynneth stepped up, newly an Eager Beaver, demonstrated that work ethic by hopping over to the Shire to kill Goblins and Wolves…30TP

After some issues with not being able to access Store…I think they were updating as I was TP grinding…and after logging out and then back in 2 times for the TP earnt to be included I was able to buy Angmar Area, infact I even have 11TP left…

The following is a Pacman representation of TP earnt this Month:

TP MAYpacmanghost

Today I slept late…until 5AM! My wife was shocked (oh yeah thanks my love for getting the kids to sleep and letting me TP grind last night :)) as she had amazingly woken up early and made me a nice cup of tea and even started the log in to LOTRO… Cor blimey..must be love 🙂 Instead had a little snuggle and rest

I checked into LOTRO for half an hour while getting dressed…my project was completed…Angmar purchased…Tordy almost finished the Shire…didn’t know what to do next…Tsuhelm to Angmar?, Farming and Jewallry to level…Arwynneth is ready for some TP grinding having only Eastermet to go in Tailor Craft guild and is taking a break…

Let me think about it…


2 Responses to “Angmar Area Purchased – a TP grind success!”

  1. Chocoholic May 24, 2013 at 18:35 #

    Wow! Congrats 🙂 I’m so happy for you. That’s quite an achievement! I’d go do some exploring in the new areas, if I were you. Perhaps that’s why I have waited still to buy any questpack (i’ve got about 900 TP now, so I could have bought something…). I want my characters to finish the starting areas first. And I’m still trying to balance their level and their equipment. I really need to get their crafting up to date! 😀
    Anyway, New areas to explore and experience. Go for it!
    And what a great wife you ahve. She’s very supportive 🙂

  2. gloredh May 26, 2013 at 12:24 #

    congratulations for your tp grind success! /cheers 😀

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