Happy Bday Tsuhelm – 1 year old, the blog! Hobbit prezzies!

24 May


I knew it was upcoming but how nice of WP to actually remember…easy to do and nice…wonder if TURBINE could work out to do something along the same lines…a hobbit gift every anniversary…or is that what they are doing at the moment?

Happy 2.027397 year bday present (or 2 years and 10 day present…)

Somehow if they sent the hobbit present once a year on your ‘LOTRO anniversary’ it would be something to treasure and would be really appreciated, even if it was just some copper scrapings…

I remember when I first started that having 2GP in the bank was special, for some of my characters can still be 😦 , but now I can earn that easily in a week by just logging in…

Hobbits should be giving us silly things, nice things, useful things but GP (items readily convertible to and not usable for anything else)…meh!

Oh well thanks WP for the congratulations it was truly appreciated and er thanks TURBINE for the hobbit prezzie…well er no I actually prefer the once a year congratulation without attachment to your daily item!

Tsuhelm, Dyort, Arwynneth, Tordy, Luflaf, Warden as yet with no name (Waywnn…quite like :)) and Opopa salute you.


2 Responses to “Happy Bday Tsuhelm – 1 year old, the blog! Hobbit prezzies!”

  1. Chocoholic May 24, 2013 at 18:40 #

    Nice! It’s always good when you reach a milestone 🙂 And this is a very good milestone. I guess mine is a few months away, but with almost half a year of not blogging, it’s not really worth mentioning. I think I’ll start counting again from the moment I restarted blogging at Lotro Adventures.
    Anyway, great achievement! And I do agree with you on the Hobbit presents. Although I know I try to get them every day (getting a very minor addiction perhaps?), something you get daily sometimes becomes…. less worth it. Then again, it is all in the original Hobbit tradition, isn’t it? It’s one of the things hobbits were well-known for.
    Anyway, gotta go to sleep. Have a good day and see ya later!


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    […] grinder on Silverlode and then my mains on Windfola… so can waste 30 mins a day just by checking hobbit prezzies..and if they turn out to be 3 piles of scraps…lol…ah but maybe maybe they were an awesome […]

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