Lotro LOL – hops to – haiku

29 May

The old pond–
a frog jumps in,
sound of water.

Furuike ya 
kawazu tobikomu 
mizu no oto

— Basho

What with Hobbit prezzies (2 good and 1 normal and yes I saw it 50 mithril coins …now that would be very useful…) and Dyort harvesting ores to sell in AH East of Easteldin I did not have time for much today 😦


Dyort in Thorins Hall about to sell some ores…

Dyort needs GP quickly as Wobblydog is crafting lv40 Solid Westernesse Armours with some great might bonuses…only 3GP each! So instead of crafting he is harvesting like crazy.


Tsuhelm…hippy farmer look is being sported!

Tsuhelm is opening presents and Arwynneth and Tordy are idling away time in the Shire.


Celebrating beaverdom in Esteldin


Toad watches as Tordy and Po pass by..

Waywnn is posing in Archet!


Waywnn, what a poser, pretending to read…

And finally …something I noticed that made me chuckle (how many times had I not noticed before?)



Makes me thirsty for BEER…


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