LOTRO: ‘cadeaux hobbit – Non’, Harvesting Ore in North Downs and AI.

30 May

Love my wife…again she got up early and made me a cup of tea to drink while playing LOTRO 🙂

Don’t love not being able to log into game, thought it was my comp so restarted, I eventually found a forum post indicating everyone had the same issue…just had to wait.

It was nice to be able to chat to wife, even got a second cup of tea!

Lotro back, wife quickly makes a quick yet stealthy exit, not at all LOTRO interested (games for that matter, still love her!)

So quick Hobbit check ins done for NOTHING of NOTE (Non)

‘Avez-vous vérifié vos cadeaux hobbit? Oui… Avez-vous rien de bon? Non!’

So with time fast ticking away off to North Downs to harvest rich iron and gold ores, I start off West for a change, go south down to where the orcs and elves are, pass by trolls and now enter Dol Dinen where I can still pull mobs.

No path – wandering aimlessly following the node tracker for directions… Dyort hopping on and off horse all the time to speed up the run, the Eglain steed (250 morale)  takes quite a few hits while getting to some nodes, when it gets too thick with mobs or they are too close, or on the node Dyort  rounds up 5 or 6 mobs cowboy style and then  AoE’s them all to pieces.

‘Hey Wargs…and you  Warg-keeper gobbie you can come here and die too! (Auroch takes a hit, I’ll have your sturdy hide as well!) Hey you Blue Orc Combatant…er you can stay away please…’

The stupidity sometimes of LOTRO mobs is outstanding…1 by 1 they stand there awaiting their deaths…if they all rushed you maybe it would be an interesting fight. But really Dyort is chopping up Wargs and Gobbies in a huge scrum well in visible and audible distance and the Orc Combatant that could tip the encounter in their favour  just stands there.

I know rarely some weird AI behavior kicks in and off a mob will go for help…but really a clever gobbie should get the hell outta there until it is backed up with a whole pack of its chums…A spider once did this to me in Lone Lands and it was one of the most enjoyable moments I had in LOTRO…suddenly I had a fight when I was expecting mundane sword fodder!

Dyort having harvested Dol Dinen, headed north into normal East of Esteldin zone and yeps time was up (plus 10 mins lol) and quick hop to house and dash to AH in Thorins Hall (desperate for extra milestone skill…er more TP needed…)

‘C’était ce que c’était, le temps est écoulé!’

‘Allez salut maintenant!

No idea why so French today!


4 Responses to “LOTRO: ‘cadeaux hobbit – Non’, Harvesting Ore in North Downs and AI.”

  1. Chocoholic May 31, 2013 at 07:34 #

    Oh, this was so fun to read! I can really see Dyort squashing the mobs like they’re insects and that one big scum merely watching. It’s such a good sight! I don’t think I’ve had that kind of pleasure yet. I do remember one of my characters encountering a big bad warg at level 10 or so. I guess you can predict the outcome of that one 😀 She got a few shots and had to retreat. I knew reviving right there and then was NO option. I still wonder how on earth I attracted that big bad warg.

    • tsuhelm May 31, 2013 at 08:00 #

      Yeah it strolls around the bandit camp…I heard they put it there to help kill off those that have yet to die…it has killed me more than once…I once was so pissed I went back with Tsuhelm and pewed it to death!

      • Chocoholic May 31, 2013 at 08:18 #

        Oh, There’s an idea! Need to check that. Sheherezi would be very well capable of killing it off! It really needs to learn a lesson 😀


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