Plans within plans, cunning plans and boring plans…

7 Jun

Plans within Plans

MORDOR BREWERY more coming soon…

BLOG TIDY UP…done so many now it needs some organisation…


WINDFOLA: Need to find a kinship to help me with the ever increasing fellowship content…

TORDY: Back to Bree..wrap up any unfinished, Old Forest and Barrow Downs…

ARWYNNETH: Back to Bree to Barrow Downs – deed items to Tordy and Waywnn to get them to man kinship quicker. Keep Shire as a quick reserve of easy to get TP.

WAYWNN: Ered Luin almost done, Back to Bree to do lv15 Warden Quest and then Shire TP run.

Waywnn statslv16

At lv15 a selection of Fine Armour was crafted by Arwynneth and spears and Javellins from Tsuhelm.
At lv16 Waywnn created his own Solid Balanced Bronze Warden Sheild.
The Purple has been replaced by a mix of green, brown and grey…I like 🙂

    TSUHELM: Messing around in Bree Crafting Hall

    DYORT: is having fun as a AoE smasher in North Downs (it is not easy to have fun in ND…) If too much fun in danger of overtaking Tsuhelm…almost happened before.

ANGMAR: Tsuhelm dipped his toes and then wandered off, Dyort has yet to complete Wyrm slaying deeds…

EPIC: Tsuhelm and Dyort need to complete book 3 in Rivendell, Dyort halfway through book4 and Tsuhelm yet to start…

TP: was waiting for the weeks sales…Craft Guild Unlock sale…207TP each! I want 4 , probably unrealistic goal but maybe get 2!

HOBBIT GIFTS: Still picking them up with Opopa and Luflaf on Silverlode and Laurelin respectively…Tsuhelm has had nothing special from the beginning 😦

Weekend…will try to get some TP grinding done…


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