TORDY TP GRIND OF SHIRE – Quests by order completed – mas o menos!

7 Jun

Tordy started this TP grind run of the Shire on May 13 thinking it would be over quickly…he finished on June 4: 13 ‘days’ were spent on the run.

This is the Organic version of my Shire grind but incorporating the post quests. Pies are poisonous and the extra level of irritation caused by hungry hobbits on top of nosy hobbits is not needed, so I avoid pie quests (or try to…)

Restoring the Quick Post

Service Little Delving to Michel Delving route

Service Michel Delving to Waymeet route

Service Waymeet to Needlehole route

Service Needlehole to Michel Delving route

Service Michel Delving to Tuckborough route

Service Tuckborough to Hobbiton route

Service Hobbiton to Overhill route

Service Overhill to Bywater route

Service Frogmorton to Woodhall route

Service Woodhall to Stock route

Service Stock to Budgeford route

Service Budgeford to Scary route

Service Scary to Brockenborings route


QUEST ORDER: sometimes has been reversed…or even messed up 😦

PURPLE: Restoring the Quick Post

BLUE: Deeds

GREEN: evil pie returns

RED: crafting

Prologue: Epic story introduction

NOTES: like it says on the label really…little snippits of info I added some more useful than others…

Day 1

Close Up Their Burrows,  Join the Bounders,  Hiders and Seekers,  The Top Hiding-Place,  Bundle for Michel Delving,  Prologue: Mundos Complaint,  Bundle for Waymeet,  Worries From Waymeet,  Rescue Doras Chickens,  Wolves At Waymeet,  The Wolf in Exile,  and Bundle for Needlehole.

NOTES: Probably picked up some other quests not yet completed in the Shire with all the running back and forth they will get done eventually!

Day 2

Slug-slayer, Daffodil is Missing, Tell Bounder Chubb, Slug-slayer (Advanced)

NOTES: Again a couple more incomplete quests picked up…I do hate Slug slayer deed, LM with great range is actually faster than Champ!

Day 3

A Gift for the North,  The Life of a Bounder,  Bundle for Michel Delving,  Refurbishing the Town Hole,  Crafting: Michel Delving Craft-fair,  Crafting: The Great Pie Crust Robbery

NOTES: Distracted by crafting as described in :

Cook (Mastery 1 / Proficiency 0),  Cook (Mastery 1 / Proficiency 1),  Reached level 19,  Cook (Mastery 2 / Proficiency 1),  Prospector (Mastery 1 / Proficiency 1)

Day 4

Bundle for Tuckborough,  Honey-bears,  Adelards Chapter,  Ghost of the Old Took,  The Old Tooks Favourite,  The Founding Writ,  Gerebert Misses a Meal,  Longos Leaf-waggon,  Old Sally,  Shore Up the Fence,  A Hidden Stash,  Bundle for Hobbiton,  Pie for The Green Dragon,  Fallen Apples,  A Sack of Feed,  Lobelias Pie,  Bundle for Overhill,  Spider Plague,  Lucky Sling-stone,  Prologue:Flourdumplings Stand,  A Salve for Stings,  Long Live the Queen,  The Green Dragon

Those damn pie quests…these are the introduction to 13 more…getting over the bridge with the pie is tricky…although will explore if you can just walk over the water…

NOTES: Missed an appledore quest somehow..normally do 2 at the same time… A Salve for Stings,  Long Live the Queen take you all the way back to Tuckborough! Frogmorten next…last 1/3rd to go!

Day 5

The Floating Log,  Many Happy Returns,  Bundle for Woodhall,  Leaf in Woodhall,  Longos Missing Waggon,  Brigand-slayer,  Spoiled Pie from Bywater,  The Life of a Bounder (advanced)

Day 6

Bundle for Stock,  The Vigilance Committee,  Brigand-slayer (Advanced),  The Golden Perch,  Violet in Peril

Day 7

Rousting Ruffians,  Bundle for Budgeford,  The Veiled Menace,  Spectre of the Black Rider,  The Farms of the Shire,  A Taste for Pork,  Cloak of the Black Rider,  A Few Pages Short,  Harvest-fly Slayer

Day 8

Wolf-slayer,  Harvest-fly Slayer (Advanced),  Howling at Midnight,  The Trouble With Harvest-flies,  The Menace Confronted,  The Secret of the Collar,  Wolf-slayer (Advanced),  The Warg of Budgeford,  Fate of the Black Rider,  Bandages for Callum,  Restless Roost,  Spiders in the Quarry,  Spider-slayer,  The Sights of the Shire,  Prologue: Make Yourself Useful,  My Grandsons Lunch,  Bundle for Scary

NOTES: The trouble with harvest flies should be combined with Slayer Deed which I stupidly did the day before…

Day 9

The Bird and Baby,  Bears On the Greenfields,  Bullroarers Brew,  Prologue: The Aid of Halros,  Prologue: Pansy Tunnellys Tale,

Day 10

Bundle for Brockenborings,  The Life of a Bounder (final),  Spoiled Pie from Tuckborough,  Confront the Old Took,  The Last of the Fireworks,  Took and a Tower,  Old Odos Leaf-Farm,  Belcos Writ,  Known to the Mathom Society,  Prologue: The Quarry In Scary,  A Bounder of Great Merit,  A True Friend to the Quick Post,  Restoring the Quick Post,  Finding the Nest,  Inspire Postman Oddfoot,  Bundle for Bywater,  Sheep Theft,  Spider-slayer (Advanced),  Smoke Before the Fire, Prologue: Troubles To Come,  Prologue: Goblin Foothold,  Shire Brew-master,  The Plough and Stars,  Distant Dangers,  Goblin-slayer (Advanced),  Goblin-slayer,  Paying Your Respects

NOTES: All these quests and I have finally reached lv20, more to do with the crafting I think!

Cashed in all the Gift Mathoms


Crafting: Ned in a Pickle

NOTES: Was back in Michel Delving crafting for a couple of days…  Advanced Prospector (Mastery 2 / Proficiency 1),  Advanced Jeweller (Mastery 2 / Proficiency 1),  Advanced Cook (Mastery 2 / Proficiency 2)


Untangled Webs,  Lobelias Fireworks,  Needlehole Watch,  Friend to the Mathom Society


Prologue: Beneath the Greenfields,  Prologue: Bullroarers Club, Protector of the Vile Slayer,  Web-cutter,  The End of the Matter,  Flare For Danger,  By Hook or By Crook,  Brimstone and Sparks,  The Big Black Bear,  Calling for Charcoal,  Wolves in the Fields,  Free the Tree,  Crafting: Mudbottoms High Standards,  Seeking Saltpetre,  The Fate of Prunella Boffin

NOTES: Basically wrapping up outstanding quests, trying to collect as many Gift Mathoms as possible… ‘Wolves in the Field’…normally do this when doing wolf slayer…I must have missed a quest chain…

Fitted the introduction to Skirmishes in…and reached lv21!

I missed picking up Prunella’s umbrella while exploring the 2nd goblin camp in day 9…


Tordy gets stuck inside tree while trying to free it…


I managed to really stretch out this TP grind…not really with time involved as I was doing ‘stuff’ on other chars so Tordy and his adventure in the land of hobbits was dropped down the list of priorities…

I think if I had concentrated I could have compacted the process to within a week.

Waywnn is about to start the Shire Run…closer to ‘on level’ let’s see how that goes.


6 Responses to “TORDY TP GRIND OF SHIRE – Quests by order completed – mas o menos!”

  1. Chocoholic June 8, 2013 at 10:54 #

    This is an interesting guide! Does this mean you’ve also completed all the “life of a bounder” deeds? I’m going to look into a 2-3 hour Shire TP run and Bree TP run, like Kaldy did for Ered-luin. I think this could be an interesting option!

    • tsuhelm June 10, 2013 at 06:57 #

      Yeah this is also Kaldy inspired..what I want to do is trim the quests to give minimum back and forth travel but still get all deeds inc post and pubs…

      I need to do lots more work…but with Arwynneth and Waywnn ready to start the shire…may be sooner rather than later.

      • NaktiesKarys June 10, 2013 at 07:21 #

        I did it different way: when got 24-hour horse, did all Bree-land explorations deeds, rode to the Shire, did explorer deeds, then – forward to Ered Luin to do the same, except Rath Teraig. And only then, after all exploration deeds, I could do whatever I wanted.It was one long run, stopping at almost every stables, but it paid off.
        Had no patience for Pies quest: Nosey and Hungry hobbitses are just pain…

      • tsuhelm June 10, 2013 at 07:28 #

        Yeah I still need to find a use for my ‘free’ horse…I end up forgetting about it…(or worst accessing it in error – done that twice!)
        The Shire is a bit of a drag…especially those nosy not so bad but hungry…horrible…hobbits! But with this insane method of collecting all the mathoms I can pump some reputation up…mind with all the grinding in Barrow downs I am doing at the mo…I can see there may be quicker ways to get mathoms… and Shire rep! Maybe This will end up being optimised into a super fast run like Kaldy’s as was the intention to begin with…

      • Chocoholic June 11, 2013 at 05:19 #

        I’ve got a couple of hobbits who just started. I’m gonna try and see if I can work out an interesting route for those who start in the Shire.
        Minimum back and forth travel is indeed the key with TP grinding…..
        Good luck!


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