AGAIN Taradan’s Tomb: In and Outs of, updated!

13 Jun

Don’t panic!

Woke up at 5am to find my phone inside the bed – obviously I’d turned off the alarm and gone back to sleep 🙂

I was mad…was looking forward to completing the slaughtering of spiders in Taradan’s Tomb with Luflaf…

After I had logged on, what I did realise was that my guide I created yesterday was a wee bit flawed…

AHA…now I will update 🙂


1 – 1 barrow wight and 3 or 4 creeping hands

2 – 4 to 6 barrow spiders and 1 or 2 wights and maybe a barrow candle.

3 – 3 to 4 spidies [can be dragged all together into 4…]

4 – 5 to 6 spidies and 1 or 2 handies

5 – 2 or 3 spidies

6 – 4 to 8 spidies, 1 or 2 handies and Gwigon

Summary: 16 to 28 brood each run in!


7 – 2 to 5 spidies and sometimes a candy.

8 – 3 to 8 spidies and 1 or 2 wights

9 – 1 wight and 3 or 4 creeping handies

Summary: 5 to 14 brood on the way out!

OK but what I realized today was that if you are chopping em up real fast they dont all spawn in time…so during the second run ‘IN’ there are much less mobs!

Note: Gwigon will probably not be there on the next run as it takes longer to respawn…

The answer, ‘Take it easy!’, its a balance between speed and spawn!

Super fast: IN about 5 mins and OUT in about 1.5 mins…

For optimal spawning: OUT needs to be 5 mins as well and sometimes I even popped outside of the tomb and collected some ores and wood, there being 4 nodes thereabouts!

Obviously this all goes belly up when there is someone else down the hole, suggest teaming up or as I do wander off and do something else…

In total ‘a run’ nets 21 to 42 each run: lets say average is 30 a run…150, 1st part of slayer deed, will take 5 runs and the 300 for the second part 10 runs…oh dear thats an hour and half…but well worth it!

TP grind progresses:

Last night took Tordy out to wrap up Bree area deeds for 35 TP, this morning Luflaf in minimal time grabbed 10TP.

So looks hopeful I will get the Weaoponsmith Craft guild unlock tomorrow…

Well only half an hour late for work…

It was good yesterday and it is good today, I am still rambling so:

‘Mines a tale that cant be told,
My freedom I hold dear;
How years ago in days of old
When magic filled the air,
Twas in the darkest depths of mordor
I met a girl so fair,
But gollum, and the evil one crept up
And slipped away with her.
Her, her….yea.
Aint nothing I can do, no.

Ramble on,
And nows the time, the time is now
To sing my song.
Im goin round the world,
I got to find my girl, on my way.
Ive been this way ten years to the day, ramble on,
Gotta find the queen of all my dreams.’

‘Ramble On’ Led Zeppelin.


3 Responses to “AGAIN Taradan’s Tomb: In and Outs of, updated!”

  1. Chocoholic June 19, 2013 at 14:51 #

    Now how did I miss this post? Anyway, great guide! The Barrows proof to be very worth it. Fun thing with the Barrows is, they drop reputation items as well. I got Sheherezi (who hadn’t been working on reputation AT ALL) up to ally with Men of Bree and with only a few quests and grinding in the Barrow-downs! Incredible 🙂
    Good to know the ideal run is 5 minutes. I’ve never timed it before, but it seems worth to do it anyway! Thanks for this excellent guide!


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