LOTRO TP grind done: only just made it! Xaxado…

14 Jun

Waywnn stepped up to get me over the finishing line and unlock Weaoponsmith craft guild…


It has been a stressful week and am glad there is nothing in the sales to grind for next week.

Although I will be using the free sample..craft experience…I feel a TP grind session coming on this weekend, crafting is easier to fit in with the kids as long as they don’t climb up and start smashing keyboard!

Crafting needs mats so I am sure Tsuhelm and Dyort will be out doing collecting runs…

Arwynneth and Luflaf need to Wrap up Barrow Downs…

LLCJ: 1st of many silverlode tp grinders has entered my thoughts and may get created this weekend.

Tordy needs to get to lv22 to beef up equipment…

Wawynn got to lv18 and was able to change spear, javelin and armour…just 3 changes:


The Stout Leather Armour is particularly ugly so keeping the old armour as a cosmetic outfit!

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend…makes me want to dance:

‘Xaxado vem lá do Nordeste
De cabra da peste
Se modernizou…

Xaxado bom de dançar…
Olha o balanço dele,
Olha o balanço dele,
Vamo balançar…’

‘Xaxado Bossa Nova’Trio Nordestino

What u say?

Aha: Google translates to:

Xaxado there comes the Northeast
Goat fever
Modernized …

Xaxado good dancing …
Look at the balance of it,
Look at the balance of it,
Let’s rock …

Any better…not really but: Goat feverOooooooi!, Let’s rock…must be about LOTRO.



One Response to “LOTRO TP grind done: only just made it! Xaxado…”

  1. Chocoholic June 19, 2013 at 14:57 #

    Congrats! It’s always good when you can reach your TP Goal 🙂 I’ve just passed the 25% of my TP goal for the Eriador Bundle. So far I’ve been able to stop myself from buying anything in the store. I think I’m doing good 😀
    Again missing 5 TP though. I should have 5 more TP than what the game says. And I can’t find it. Perhaps I should mail Turbine again. On the other hand, I got 25 TP last time I mailed support about missing 5 TP (less then a month ago, if I may add).
    One of my alts has been farming, as in the profession. I’m not done with her yet, but she’s done a few levels already. Now I need to check what the cook needs before I do anymore farming. Don’t want to waste all my crops. They’re worth too much to my cooks!

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