LOTRO – blue or red pill? Nah! Take the golden ring!

18 Jun

The monitor broke on my computer, dead, dead, dead…

So I connected the comp up to the TV, the wonders of modern technology

Today Arwynneth joined a fellowship down a hole (Haudh Iarchith) in southern Barrow Downs…lv80+ rune keeper( a killing machine) and a lv55 ish captain…

Chat window was full of clutter and info,  comforting when solo’ing, all that info reminds you that you are not alone, like watching the green data streams of the matrix. But when grouping trying to communicate was a real pain…not helped by aforementioned killing machine who just refused to stop…yeah stop killing…it was almost as if he looked right and all mobs on right died, then he looked left and all mobs on left died…awesome.

Arwynneth teamed up with the captain as she could actually do something…little things I suspect but at least I felt like I was participating.

In Ardour she chops and slashes real nice, a chopping machine, I love the fervour pips when killing lots of mobs… I am not just talking about while grouping as today was a little silly really, if the whole game revolved around following overpowered friends I’m sure it would quickly become boring!

40-50 mins flew by and yeah I had to go to work! I really didn’t want to stop. I could have stayed in that hole all day long!  Grave-digger and Nemesis of the Fallen deeds part one completed easily, 10TP, …er advanced bit could take a little longer!

I am going to have to group up more often…

Monitor needs fixing or replacing(*sobs as more money flies away!*)  as the mouse and keyboard (not wireless) are not exactly comfy to use and the huge coaxial cable to the TV is definitely not child friendly…

But it is LOTRO friendly when it is the only way to play.

The only way to get back into the MATRIX!



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